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captain america and deadpool explain eti

Films about comics characters, yes

I was not remotely interested in the new Wolverine movie until I discovered Deadpool was going to be in it (played by Ryan Reynolds, who appears in Google Images with his shirt off A LOT, which is interesting given Deadpool's hideous scars).

And now I am desperately hoping they'll let him break the fourth wall. Even a rubbish "has a delusion he's in a film" thing would make me happy.

Anyway, time to go and put "be elitist about Deadpool's nearly-canon slash relationship being with Cable" in my calendar for next year.

(And while we're at it, my icon reminds me: is there any truth to this Barrowman-as-Cap thing? That would be awesome. And break a lot of people's brains who deserve to have them broken.)
a great bear winner is me

This would be total wankbait if anyone from the relevant fandom was going to read it

I bought two whole new comics today, the day they came out (in the UK) and everything. (This is a new level of geekery an exciting new thing for me.)

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In other news: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is simultaneously infuriatingly watchable and infuriatingly patronising. Let's heal America through a relationship between a Mary Sue (and let's not forget that both of the main characters are Sorkin-Sues) and a liberal fantasy version of a "good Christian"! Also: black people who have a downer on the wrong sort of other black people are great! (Sorry, that wasn't meant to sound wankbaity but it kind of came out that way.) Also also: writing about comedy requires it to be funny. Collapse ) Let's just say I am not surprised it was cancelled.

It has made me realise in watching E4's endless Friends repeats that Matt Perry really is quite good, though. (Also, the Monica/Chandler ship works even back in the early eps. Which surprised the hell out of me.)