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Just the start of it all

We make things out of dust so we can smash them up

Lurky McLurklurk
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What this journal is for: This journal is where I post any old rubbish I can't express to people in real life. Most of said rubbish relates to Doctor Who, but some of it doesn't. The less gratuitously weird of my tags should give you an idea of the balance of topics.

Semi-notable things I have done: Wasted a lot of time writing fic. Made a macro-spam of Ghost Light. Started sizeofthatthing (but everyone else did the work).

Elsewheres to be: My Doctor Who fic is on the Teaspoon here and I have deptstore as a side journal for my ancient Buffyfic. I exist on journalfen, inksome and dreamwidth under the same rather silly username, but they're basically placeholders in anticipation of the never-quite-arriving LJ apocalypse; I've gone whole years without using some of those accounts.

Friending: I have become somewhat paranoid in this regard. You're welcome to friend to read the public posts, but it's relatively unlikely that I'll friend you back. I probably won't be friending people out of the blue for quite a while.

Commenting: You are welcome to comment, either under your name or a sockpuppet or anonymously (no IP logging or LJ toys here). I don't delete comments just because you disagree with me, but I will delete racism/sexism/homophobia/ableism/etc., blatant spam, LJ-TOS-breaking stuff not covered under the -ism clause, or things that I get paranoid might lead people to my RL identity.

Special commenting addendum for authors/artists/etc.: this being a fannish LJ I frequently talk about the objects of my fandom. Most of the time I like things, because I am easily pleased really, but sometimes I don't (sometimes for quite obscure reasons based on my particular interpretation of decades-old canon or whatever) and I don't mind saying so. You are of course welcome to come and chat, same as anyone else, but don't expect special treatment just because you have an LJ account as well as a credit on the thing I'm talking about. (I kind of wish I didn't feel the need to write this, but it's happened more than once.)