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tl;dr brain dump

  1. We call them plotbunnies 'cos of the way they multiply, yes? 'Cos by the end of this week I'll have posted three fics each of which spun out in turn from an idea that I've yet to write more than 20 words of, and probably won't bother with at all now. It is becoming slightly tiring. I want to be writing Martha-fic but other ideas keep attacking me.
  2. Remind me never to write fic with multiple versions of the same Time Lord again. It's far too difficult trying to distinguish them for the reader, and I doubt I've succeeded. It's probably a particularly bad idea to do a POV shift from one incarnation to the other at the half way point with no prior warning.
  3. I seem to be utterly incapable of writing short fic at the moment. Everything's coming out at 1500+ words. The fact that Romana won't get into bed with anyone without 1000 words of snarky dialogue first makes Romana/Romana particularly difficult. (I realise my standards for "long" are still short in a lot of people's books, but I am highly averse to longfic. "Part 13/?" in a header is just an invitiation to me to scroll past, I'm afraid. Except when it's not, such as with the epic 4-parts-of-6000-words-each Turlough thing I keep planning and Fully Intend To Write [see below].) My fics ending up long is irritating to me because I am very much with that guy who apologised for his letter being so long because he had no time to write a shorter one. Even though I have no idea who that was. *googles* Pascal, apparenty, though it seems to have been attributed to everyone ever.
  4. So, I finally signed up at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind after calapine pimped it on lifeonmartha. Because I am a sheep. Baaa. But also because I want to have an archive-y thing. The thing is, it is a new and different online environment and I understand very little about it yet and that makes me twitch. Here on LJ I (almost) always thank people for commenting on my fics because I'm a bit pathetic and needy but the "review" structure over there seems to be more one way. I've seen "Author Replies" to reviews but AFAICS these tend to be answers to substantive questions. On the flip side of this, I'm finding it very odd (but very nice!) that I'm getting reviews from people who already commented on the same fic on LJ. What I want to know is: what's the done thing in terms of replying to reviews over there?
  5. It is probably unreasonable of me to be annoyed at being blocked from reading a review on Teaspoon by work's "pornography filter", given that the story in question was in fact porn.
  6. I have also grabbed deptstore on a whim. It is going to be a new home for all half-dozen or so of the Buffy fanfics I posted to back in the day, when I went by Slashcat. (Confusingly, in the Google Groups archive there is a completely separate Slashcat who was around there a few years after me; there is also a slashcat who is not me. On reflection, it wasn't the most original name I could've thought of.)
  7. This sudden archiving mania is partly related to the realisation that, if everything goes to plan, RL is going to completely take over in September for the indefinite future, and I want, from some weird vanity, to have my stuff easily accessible on medium-term-stable sites.
  8. RL taking over means I will be back in lurk mode as of September. I have a terrible tendency to drop out of online life very suddenly. I just totted up and I have been involved in a dozen distinct online communities in the nearly ten years since I got to university and discovered the Net, under half a dozen different identities, and have never left any of them with any proper warning (including my previous disappearances from LJ). So consider this an advance "I aten't ded" note for the rest of the decade.
  9. Relatedly, I am and always have been horrendous at dropping out of online commitments with no notice. Here on LJ, that means ficathons. But I fully intend to write everything I've ever publically committed to writing before I disappear in September. I mean this just as much as I meant it in the first place, so it probably won't happen, but the intent is there. I wish I could work out what was supposed to happen after these three hundred words of Fitz/Iris I have on my hard drive.
  10. Having said all which, I bet I'll end up using LJ as my main procrastination tool when I'm theoretically too busy to even consider it and in November this post is going to look very silly. I am very bad at predicting the future.
  11. (The slightly rude bit, which I can't suppress any longer after posting my fics from the LoMartha "drabble tag" at Teaspoon) Dear fandom: FFS, a "drabble" is a piece of exactly 100 words. No more, no less. You're allowed 15 words for titles and subtitles. It is NOT just something short enough to fit in a comment, or be dashed off quickly. That's a "ficlet" or a "short short" or ... whatever. It's not a drabble. Writing a drabble requires honing and careful consideration of which words are necessary and which aren't and is in and of itself both an interesting exercise and a slightly different skillset. This is an example of linguistic evolution reducing precision and robbing us of a useful word for a useful concept. Please not to be contributing to this degeneration. kthxbai

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