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So there has been quite a lot of fannish-type telly while I've been semi-away. I am going to pretend that you care what I thought of it.

Planet of the Dead Big fat meh, basically. Malcolm's nowhere near as good in portrait of fandom terms as LINDA was three years ago, and some of Rusty's tricks are getting ooooold. I wanted to like the Christina/Doctor stuff but it all felt far too contrived to me; if even I'm groaning at lines that sound like potential kink meme prompts there must be something wrong (though possibly it's something wrong with me). I liked the "we should close the wormhole"/"hell no! teh doctah!"/"hell yes! the whole entire earth!" bit right up until she pulled a gun and thus conclusively proved her evolosity in Rustyverse. More subtlety please, Mr TD. Like that bit at the end where you dropped a huge clanging backreference to Planet of the Ood with the minority woman who happens to be exotically psychic! That was great.

Back to Earth Oh, dear. In much the same vein as Stewart Lee's just-finished series, mostly disappointing nostalgia with occasional funny bits. When the Car Bug rolled up on Corrie I was desperately worried it was going to be awful metafictional stuff but it was thankfully averted somewhat in favour of a Blade Runner pastiche that didn't completely work but did provide some good bits. I can't help the feeling that the whole "Earth in 2009" setting was about the budget. I did like the soft reboot back to S1/2 type conditions just with Kryten permanently on board and hard light holography. It was great to see Danny John-Jules doing the proper Cat stuff again, rather than the "human with fashion sense and fangs" of later series. Freeeeeow, etc.

Do these have titles? OMG. OMG, OMG, OMG. I was a bit dubious about this (I am afraid I do not like Alex's new hair at all, which is a very shallow reason to object to the whole thing, but it sort of epitomised my worry about diminishing returns) but OMG it was awesome. It's such a brilliant and effective idea that she's not the only time-traveller-or-whatever there; I love it when things are both surprising but at the same time exactly right and fit in perfectly, plus it takes the focus away from the "welcome to your paternal psychodrama" model that A2A S1 and both series of LoM relied on. I could do without the Diana focus, personally speaking, but it's not the end of the world. And there were so many great little moments, like the photocopier and Chris's being endearingly postmodern at the end. I am not sure how I feel about the occasional hints about how much Gene may or may not know about the nature of his reality, but the corruption plotline looks awesome, especially how it will play into Alex's "this is all a puzzle to be solved" mentality (I have always liked the batshit bits better than the police-y bits, sue me). Also, I can't remember where I read it ages ago while LoM was on (Phil Purser-Hallard's blog, maybe?) but I do love the idea of Sam/Alex getting shot within the retroverse and waking up in Dixon of Dock Green. There'd probably be much more mileage in putting Alex in that setting, as a woman, than there would with Sam.

Terminator 2 was on at the same time as Ashes to Ashes, so I taped it even though I have it on proper bought-in-a-shop VHS somewhere. The little bit I did flick to after A2A was over completely messed up my Cunning Theories about how time travel works in SCC, though. Argh. (I have also spoiled myself ever-so-slightly for 2x22 [only Wikipedia-episode-list-summary level, accidentally], which spoilers suggest I am even wrongerer.)
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