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Random stuff

  1. This poor boy falling into a vat of caustic soda is obviously a terrible, terrible thing, and I hope he recovers well and the damage to his eyes in particular isn't too bad. BUT OMG, BBC AND OTHER REPUTABLE NEWS ORGANISATIONS, IS THERE NO ONE IN YOUR NEWSROOMS WHO REMEMBERS THEIR Y7 SCIENCE LESSONS? Please, please, please stop calling it "acid". Sodium hydroxide is a strong alkali, it's the exact bloody opposite. Fail. [I'm sure you can insert a Two Cultures rant for me here, I can't be bothered to do it myself any more.]
  2. SCC has gone from good to amazing over the last month or so (we'up to 2x20 on Virgin 1 now, but I had to tape that one and haven't seen it yet; the ones that particularly impressed me were the two-parter 2x18/2x19). It is engaging the speculate-y bit of my brain in ways that haven't been stimulated for a good long while (I think the last thing that got me this excited was the City of the Saved in Faction Paradox). Predictably enough it is the time travel that I am most excited by, though the AI stuff is also rather splendid. I am probably going to write meta, but I will wait 'til the series is over so as it can be coherent. (I can't believe it's potentially not being renewed; there is clearly something wrong with the world. I don't think I've been invested enough in a US series close enough to its original screening to be worried about it being picked up for ... well, ever, actually, 'cos it's only recently that shows have made it across the Atlantic quickly enough for it not to be a done deal by the time we saw it.)
  3. henriettastreet ficathon deadline is extended until the 22nd, as that's when I'm going to be able to sort out the assignments. Pretty please, sign up/plug? (I remain too lazy.)
  4. I am still posting from hotspots. Moving house has gone very well overall, but I remain essentially offline because BT didn't bother to do anything about activating it for over a week and the process cannot be accelerated or something (they've given me dial up to compensate but it is painful so I am only using it for essentials; the broadband is meant to be coming Tues/Weds of next week now). It is faily, and they have gone way down in my estimation. But nvm. However, I am going to have to give up on trying to catch up on my flist, so feel free to use this post as a link dump if there's anything I've missed you think I should look at.
  5. This tardis_bigbang fic is completely kicking my ass, and now looks likely to end up somewhere north of 30-40k. Which is ridiculous given the sort of length I normally write, and I'm clearly not going to have it finished for the first deadline, but I should have the minimum 15k (probably the beginning and the end, and a lot of "and then this happens, and this happens, and this happens" in the middle). I've pulled out of thelittlebang because there was no way I was going to manage that as well, which is sad.
  6. The tardis_gen fic I got, "Things Best Forgotten", is a lovely Anji-centric EDA piece and very clever, with several layers to it. You should all go read it.
Tags: doctor who, random nonsense, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles

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