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Teaspoon meme

Gakked from lizbee and astrogirl2. (Incidentally, I very much approve of this meme, as I have felt for a while that Who fandom is needlessly, even counterproductively, cagey about Teaspoon stats.)

Open up your "Manage Stories" page on Teaspoon and unfold all the chapters. For the purposes of this meme, disregard first chapters of multichapter fics. [Teaspoon counts any hits on the TOC as a hit on the first chapter.]

1. Total number of completed fics on Teaspoon:

62. Once upon a time, I looked at people who had numbers that high and boggled. Now I am one of them.

2. Highest hit count: One-shot / Chapter of a multichapter

"The Moment Has Been Prepared For", my Journey's End fix-it, with 2700 right now. For a long time, it was "Bowing to the Inevitable", the less kinky of my two Ten/Donna pr0ns. The current winner overtook it around Christmas.

3. Lowest hit count: One-shot / Chapter of a multichapter (not counting WIPs)

"Warm in the Night" with 123, which is a short Ian/Barbara that I wrote for the classic ficathon. It's been nominated for a Smith Award, though, so presumably that will change and it will become the recent Battlefield diptych. There are a lot of silly-obscure-pairings fics bibbling around the 200-300 mark.

4. Most reviews: One-shot / Multichapter

"The Moment Has Been Prepared For", again, with 27. Previous winner was "The Game of Making", which currently has 16.

5. Fic with the number of reviews that bums you out the most (hey, let's exorcise those demons of self-doubt!)

As may be obvious, I am obsessive about these stats without a meme to prompt me. The reads to reviews ratio for most of my fic across genres/pairings/porniness is fairly consistently somewhere around 200, but for femslash it's closer to 1000. I have whined about this on the anon meme before.

6. Top 3 fics favourited by others [you have to open "View Your Statistics" for this one, it seems]

"The Moment Has Been Prepared For" - 36
"Bowing to the Inevitable" - 13
"They say the past must die for the future to be born" - 13

The conclusion I am drawing from this, tbh, is that Martha fandom IS a ghetto, and as soon as I write stuff that appeals outside it, it quickly overtakes the Martha-y stuff on these statistics. Past Must Die is songfic (it is though, the title and headings are all Pulp quotes) me trying to make myself like Nine at least a little bit and basically failing but doing it in a way that people who like Nine seem to be OK with, and the other two are the Donna-y stuff. (Numbers 4 and 5 in this chart are Ten/Martha porn from the kink meme, though -- Teacher's Pet with 12 and Do You Remember The First Time? more Pulp, oh shaming with 10.)

7. Number of people you have favourited

I'm terrible and don't use favourites. But I do have bookmarks in mah broswer, normally of things I am thinking of calufrax-ing. I then delete them once they're on calufrax, and rely on that comm's excellent tagging system if I want to find them again.

8. Number of reviews you have left

Four! Oh dear. To be honest I am slightly surprised it is that many. I see Teaspoon very much as an archive and do my responding to fics on LJ. It is also very evident from this that I don't warn people when I'm 'fraxing them terribly effectively.

I need to get a this-is-me-being-nerdy-and-obsessing-over-stats icon, I think.

Anyway, my internets are almost inevitably about to switch themselves off; I'm already on borrowed time, the phone line has died on schedule but weirdly the broadband still works. I will see you all from another house. (*hugs* to all who feel the need for them.)

Irrelevant ETA: Is it something like a sign of the downturn that there seems to be a lot more spam nowadays trying to sell me email address lists so I can be a spammer myself? Hopefully they will all eat each other to death.
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