Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

New email

I have given in and gotten myself a gmail: (what a shock; such a desirable username yet not already taken) Hopefully I can change it in a way that means my comment notifications will go there.

This is mostly because BT have turned out to be super-faily and "suspended my account" (just the email, not the broadband, obv) for reasons surpassing understanding. I am trying to get it back but I have just spent ten minutes on the phone to be told I was phoning the wrong department and I needed to dial someone else entirely. \o/ This is going to be a FUN day, I can tell.

My call is moving up the queue and will be connected to the next available adivser ...

(Ha ha. My restore from saved draft was an attempt to say nice things about The Forgotten that I, er, gave up on. It is quite Doctor/TARDISy, which is always nice. And the second half is only a bit dull rather than actively bad and full of OOC flashbacks -- the Seven and Ace flashback feels like a BF, somehow. And from a plot structure point of view, it does make a decent effort at providing red herrings, but unfortunately the eventual answer is essentially unguessable. I still can't get over Eight only having had "brief companions", though. Way to pointlessly privilege your spinoff over others.)

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