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Revenge of the five things meme

I think this might possibly be my favourite meme ever:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

(You can comment and not get things, if you want. It's not compulsory or anything.)

silly_cleo gave me:

Being into Old Who fandom before the new show Seeing this in silly_cleo's reply actually made me blink, even though it makes perfect sense as a thing-to-associate-with-me, because it comes from a frame of reference I just don't inhabit. There's an interview with Lawrence Miles, back when he was still widely viewed as single-handedly responsible for the direction of the EDAs rather than a bitter old curmudgeon, where he talks about how Doctor Who is his "native mythology" and that's something that I identify with quite a bit. I grew up on Who and it basically informs the way I see all other sci-fi. OK, and the world in general, which is a bit scary, but true. But it's ALL Doctor Who to me, I don't really see distinctions between different parts of it (or, rather, I think the differences between RTD and any given old school era are only as big as those between old school eras - the Letts/Dicks years are miles away from the JNT/Saward ones, for instance). And I don't draw big distinctions based on whether it's on the telly or not either.

Which is part of the story, but I did drift away from fandom when it went off the air (the NA covers -- many of which I still think are awful -- put me off them at the time, which is amazingly shallow of me; but, yeah, my book-fandom is a lateish thing) and only came back in the early part of this century when I started buying lots of old VHS off eBay, and then invested in a couple of EDAs (Mad Dogs and Englishmen was my first ever one) and then started catching up on things like BF that I'd been missing and never really looked back. So I was back in old school fandom before the new show was announced. And while I don't see the new show as vastly different, I do like LJ fandom we've got much, much better than radw/OG fandom, and I'd never have discovered it without the new show. So yay.

Nyssa/Tegan and femslash generally The cheap thing to do here is to go on about how they share a bedroom on an infinite timeship, look! And they do, and they have oodles of other bits of subtext, too (I was only semi-joking with this picspam), but what I really like about Nyssa/Tegan is their Epic Tragedy. There are so many different layers of angst to them, and even if canon never does anything with them they're still there. Nyssa's lost her entire planet, nothing of it now remains -- except her father's body, taken over by the Master. Tegan's not sure she'll ever get home, and the Master killed her Aunt Vanessa. Adric died. But they have each other, and it's wonderful despite all that other stuff. And it's all quite sad but redemptively so. But then Nyssa has to Do The Right Thing and leave because she's needed on Terminus. The departure scene is gut wrenching, and it really is very clearly about Nyssa and Tegan more than Nyssa and Five (or Turlough, who she's only just met, for all that the Stricko/Sutton photoshoot is awesomesauce fun). I finally wrote an Epic Reunion Fic of them in last year's dw_femslash ficathon, but some version or another of it's been in my head for aaaaaages.

As for femslash generally, I always find it mildly annoying when people try and rationalise their shipping preferences with appeals to High Principles or whatever, so I'm not going to fall prey to the temptation to do it myself.

the Doctor Who books I love these like pie, though I've read far fewer of them than I generally pretend to. But that's a good thing, it means I've still got loads to look forward to, given that they're not making the proper ones any more (not that the NSAs aren't fun, but I always tend to draw a distinction between things that are the leading edge of the continuing story and things that are filling in gaps - I find the NAs and EDAs much more interesting than the MAs and PDAs, and I can't quite explain why).

Anyway things I love about them: Many of my favourite ever companions come from the books, and I do think that at their best they get closer to fulfilling Doctor Who's go-anywhere-do-anything potential than almost anything in the telly version. The "too broad and too deep" claim isn't completely unfounded. And just generally, so many awesome ideas because people could just do what they felt like. Iris! All that lovely Fitz/Eight! (The bottom dream in Halflife, oh.) Faction Paradox! (I'm on a big FP kick at the moment, not that I'm ever really off one, because its portrayal of Gallifrey the Homeworld and the Time Lords Great Houses is wonderful. But the Book of the War is back on my bedside table, and it's as good as ever.) The People! Oh, the People, people! I don't care if they're a Culture knock-off, they're wonderful. All that crazy stuff in the Doctor's brain in Revelation! And so on. I do get a bit upset sometimes that the books' place in fannish debate these days boils down to "the EDAs killed Gallifrey first" and "LOOOOOOOOOOMS", especially with the attendant "the books are entirely about pushing an asexual agenda" attitude that sometimes comes with it, 'cos they're really, really not.

It's impossible to find them in normal shops these days, which is a sad thing.

Buffy Ah, Buffy. In a lot of ways, Buffy's a completely atypical fandom for me. Most of my experience of being fannish is very solitary, but Buffy came on when I was at uni and I watched it with like-minded people and it was all rather wonderfully fun. It's also the fandom through which I discovered fanfic as an organised activity (I used to write Doctor Who and Star Trek stuff all the time in my youth, but it was all script-format with the vague idea that if I thought it was good enough I'd send it in to Andrew Cartmel or Rick Berman or whoever - I had no idea that people shared their stories with each other). Again, this is to do with the fact that it was on when I was at uni, which is where I was introduced to the magic that is the Internet.

Anyway, Buffy's great. It takes itself with exactly the right level of seriousness -- it knows that vampires and such are cracktastic, but the characters' emotional dramas are never shortchanged -- and it's just full of good stuff. I find S1 interesting, because there's a hint in there of the tedious Monster-of-the-Week show it could have been if it hadn't been done as well. S2 is the season that exemplifies the whole show in microcosm: really, I don't think you explicitly need any of the others. S3 is where they start to work out some of the fridge logic of the setting, but more importantly it's got the Evil Version of the Main Character. I do sometimes feel like they could have given up there, because the later seasons don't quite have the thematic purity of the High School bits, but without the later stuff we wouldn't have had Willow/Tara. Or Once More With Feeling. (I still sing the songs from that to myself ALL THE TIME.) Or ... well, all sorts of other good stuff.

I haven't seen any of his recent stuff apart from the Buffy 'n' Angel comics (my bandwidth wasn't up to Doctor Horrible at the time, and I'm not sure I want to see Dollhouse), but just for the record: I've never thought Joss Whedon was some sort of perfect paragon, just a very good writer.

being sane about fandom This one's flattering but wildly inaccurate (though I found it interesting that silly_cleo gave a similar topic to pontisbright, who is so often my brain twin when it comes to the right way to do stuff online). I am not remotely sane about fandom, I just self-edit a whole lot. My fannish folder on my hard drive still contains several rants I never posted over flame wars long since dead. Just last week I was sorely tempted to make an insanely inflammatory who_secret about Torchwood, expressing opinions I don't really hold, to get back at a mousie on who_anon who had decided that the way to prove Torchwood was good was to go around knocking Old Who (fandom's penchant for false dichotomies will never cease to amaze me).

But basically, fandom should be fun, and if it's not (which it quite often isn't, sadly enough), then we're doing something wrong; I've always admired capriuni's Pro-Fun attitude. So, while I may not always succeed, I do try to emphasise the positive in the fannish things I do, although I have to admit I sometimes do so in a rather passive-aggressive way. If that's a sane response, then fair enough.

But, yeah, I self-edit a lot so you don't get to see the non-sane stuff unless my emotional resources are at such a low ebb that I can't get past that stage under my own steam (and there is often a lot of steam, much of it coming out of my ears). I'm also very fond of going to great lengths to express anything even vaguely controversial as Just My Opinion (I overuse phrases like "it seems to me" and "I feel" to a ridiculous extent), which I feel tends to smooth things over more than most people give it credit for -- we don't have body language cues and such online to help us judge how seriously people mean the things they say, and that sort of thing can substitute for it, in my opinion. (That "in my opinion" there? I did that completely instinctively.)
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