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numbered braindump; Deadpool would be proud, I'm sure

  1. I went to the Strictly Live Tour last night, and it was great fun -- they really put on a good bit of entertainment -- though to be honest I think dancing doesn't really work in an arena (if you go, pay through the nose for the seats up close, would be my advice, though it is not cheap even up we were). It was the very last night of the tour, and there was a bit of a sense of that in the performances at times but overall it was good. Rachel won with Jill Halfpenny coming second, which was not an unfair result from the dancing point of view (though I was a bit disappointed with Rachel and Vincent for doing their rumba yet a-fucking-gain) but disappointing to me (the voting is by audience text message, which is both the sort of thing that wouldn't be out of place as really clever worldbuilding in '80s SF, and also a bit of a rip off though at least it's not premium-rate). I did not know that Camilla is not coming back; I imagine that people who follow the Strictly gossip properly do but it came as a shock to me when Tom said it in his little chatty bit. I voted for them, partly out of yay-Tom but also out of wanting Camilla to win on her last ever involvement with Strictly (hence most of my disappointment with the result). I like Camilla, she gives off a real sense of loving entertaining people which is very nice and if she is faking it she is faking it very well so what's the difference? Also, Bruno is great and I still can't work out whether him getting involved in the big number at the end was business as usual or last-night over-exuberance.
  2. I have changed my mind about fanfic awards somewhat since this post. They do seem to be driving fandom closer to a decent reviews culture rather than the Cult-of-Nice-dominated nonsense we've had for so long, and that's a Good Thing. What I really mean is, I'd love to know what cot_tossed would have made of my fic, and I probably will accept any nominations I am lucky enough to get for oh_look_rocks (which is a Classic Who Awards comm that is just getting started but far too few people seem to know about, so consider that a plug). Still don't want anything to do with the Children of Time stuff, though; they've failed on far too much, both big-picture and little details, and the stealth-archiving clause in the rules is highly offputting.
  3. I got a new job a couple of weeks back, starting next month, which is yaysome. It is particularly yaysome as middle management at current job just decided I was surplus to requirements without telling immediate management. LOLs were had by all, and I am sure they are having a great time right now dealing with my non-presence without any forewarning, but the upshot for me is fairly positive as I am now out of a fairly shitty environment and have a week free that I wasn't expecting. The extra week's money would have been nice but with new job already lined up does not feel completely essential if I budget a bit better.
  4. With this extra week, I may well crack on with my tardis_bigbang fic, though I have become worried that I am twisting the plot to answer fandom's objections to Martha/Tom rather than just making it about them. I would also get on with my thelittlebang in-college-Maria/Izzy fic (especially now that I have worked out what to do with the rest of the SJA cast), but we are not supposed to start until next month. (Not that anyone would know, would they? But I am tediously rule-abiding at times.) Sorry, that was supposed to be me plugging Little Bang, which IS awesome (it's a slightly-smaller-than-a-big-bang multi-fandom femslash thing), but it turned into a moan.
  5. City of the Dead really is the greatest thing since ever. What I like very best out of all the many things that are brilliant about it is that it puts the Doctor in a situation with magic without making him be all out of character about it. Well, that, and the gratuitous Fitz/Anji-y moments.
  6. The people next to me in Starbucks (the better budgeting hasn't started yet, clearly) are talking about Trek while looking after their babies. This is the sort of thing that makes me happy. As did In the Pale Moonlight being on Virgin over the weekend.
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