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This is a good meme

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

kseda gave me:

Anji Kapoor Anjiiiiiiiiiiiii! I ♥ her. So much.

You know how many Who fans secretly wish the TARDIS would land at the end of their street and the Doctor would whisk them off to be his new companion? I have always, always subscribed to the "OMG it would be horrible and scary and your family wouldn't know what had happened and you'd probably end up dead or married off to some random person a million years and half a galaxy away, etc. etc." idea that everyone who wrote middle school thought they'd come up with by themselves and were thus OMGsooriginal in retconning so many old school companions to have had awful post-TARDIS lives. But I would like to think that if the accidentally-becoming-a-companion thing did happen to me, I would handle it even a tenth as well as Anji. She's great. I sort of forget about her sometimes, when I'm not actively reading one of her books, or thinking about the EDAs in general, and that is sad. Like if you just said "Top Five companions, go", she wouldn't be on there, but she should be. Luckily, I am reading City of the Dead at the moment, and she is great in that, though there are a couple of moments where her characterisation seems very much based on her financial background. But at least it is not in an "and therefore I am evil" way.

Also, I am probably the most serious shipper of Anji/Fitz there is, even if I can never make it work in fic.

sizeofthatthing I remain completely blown away by the way the kink meme took off. It started as a suggestion on who_anon (I can no longer remember if the suggester has outed themselves or not, so I will not say who it was) and I thought "sounds fun, I am very much in favour of pervy fanfic, let's have a look". So I went and looked at some other kink memes, and the ones I saw seemed like a fun efflorescence within a fandom lasting a few days to a few weeks, and I thought, "Yeah, I can handle that, why not?" So I went off and made it (I will admit that I do feel proud of the name). And then there was this huge explosion of creativity and it was all a bit scary and unnerving but I was also part of it -- there was one day in the first week where I wrote about six fics and didn't even notice eight hours had passed -- and then it settled into a nice rhythm and was lots of fun. Last year, I had quite a long commute to work and I used to get in early to avoid the rush hour, and in about April or May I discovered a Starbucks just down the road from work, and instead of going in early to get set up for the day I would go there and use their broadband to do moddishness while eating pains au chocolat and drinking mocha. That was a very nice way to start the day. It probably had a negative impact on my performance at work in terms of preparedness, but in terms of being in a good enough mood to face the day it was definitely a Good Thing.

I do love all the kink meme anons. I love that we have had hardly any wank (oh, do your own joke), and that the fics are so often fun rather than deadly srs bsns. And I firmly believe that it is not dead, only resting. (OTOH, I will admit that I do feel a little aggrieved at some people who now profess to believe that nothing good ever came of who_anon who I know were on SOTT and enjoying themselves, 'cos it would never have existed without the anon meme.)

Finally, I would like to reiterate at this point that drho does ALL THE WORK. I am the laziest mod in Lazytown, and she is awesome.

my favourite comic book artist I am going to cheat and say this is a tie between Pia Guerra and Jamie McKelvie. Both of them, in their different ways, excel at telling-stories-with-pictures. Which is obviously the point of comics on some level, but they are very, very good at it indeed. With both of them, you never have to look at a panel twice to get what's going on, it's all clear and beautiful and just PRETTY. Also, they are both fans of things I love, which endears them to me even more (if the hype for The Forgotten is to be believed, Guerra is a Who fan, and McKelvie was part of the long 1997 in music, of which I was a huge stay-at-home-and-never-get-involved fan).

how awesome my username is I don't know that it's awesome, but I do quite like it; I liked it when it was true and I like it even more now that it's a Blatant Lie. I do feel attached to it as an identity that is mine, in a way that I haven't with other online mes that have existed in the past. I particularly like that it is easily searchable-on for vanity-googling purposes without distractors popping up. "Lurky McLurklurk" fails badly on that score. There is someone on some football forum or something (I am unsure whether soccer or American football or even if I have got the right sport) who goes by the same name and probably had it first, and I always worry that my existence embarrasses other-Lurky mightily.

pie I like savoury pies more than sweet pies, though I don't tend to go for them when eating out because I am not a fan of mushrooms (whenever I ask if there are mushrooms in things, the waiting staff people say "oh, are you allergic?" in this "I have had training! and will shortly solemnly inform you about how we cannot guarantee that our knives have never touched a mushroom in their lives" way, and I have to say "no, I just don't like them" and then there is an uncomfortable silence) and most savoury pies contain mushroom. But homemade sans-mushroom ones that are fantastic. I had a creamy chicken and leek pie a while back made from a recipe in BBC Good Food magazine that was to die for. And steak and ale pie is a highly reliable winter warmer type of a meal.

But when it comes to your fruit-and-sugar-based things, I would always go for crumble over pie, mainly because I love the process of making crumble; I like the alchemical way the ingredients change as you rub them together with your fingers, and how just as you're starting to worry that something's gone wrong and it's never going to happen it's magically changed (I get much the same feeling making a roux, but that involves the added element of heating and thus does in fact go wrong sometimes). I fully subscribe to the idea that cooking is just applied chemistry and that is when it feels most true to me.

Pork pies. They are another sort of pie. Pork pies are good at the time but always leave me feeling like I have just eaten pure fat.

(If you want to comment without being tagged for the meme, just say. If you do want to be tagged, be aware I may be offline for a while because I am probably about to switch off my router until I have finished this thrice-damned fic that doing this meme was blatant procrastination from.)
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