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Lurky McLurklurk

No, but seriously, people got paid for this?

"I won't forgive you your balls, too often they rule your brain."


In Romford. In a large semi-detached house, which he bought with the proceeds of his many successful but critically underestimated horror novels.

Oh, and how come I've only just noticed that Mina's visions make her the Doyle/Cordy of the gang when she said she wished they'd go away?


The driver of Mina's car seems to be the unsung hero of the show. I don't think we've ever even properly seen them, let alone heard from them. Maybe they turn out to be a spy?

I am choosing to believe that Luke's mum knew all along (because, hello, she married a VAN HELSING) and was just fucking with Ruby a bit there.

Just to go semi-serious for a moment, the problem with British shows trying to rip off American models is the length of the seasons. Arcs in things like Buffy have big turning points but they also have periods where there's time to explore the new status quo before it gets overturned again. When you try and squeeze as many big turning points as an American 22-ep season into six episodes, you're left with no breathing room and so the shock value is non-existent. (Comics have the same problem, with the commerically driven need to have a Big Event After Which Things Will Never Be The Same at least once a year. With its long-for-Britain seasons, NuWho just about gets away with it, or rather has different problems with how it does its arcs.)


I forgot, what was with the dogboys menacing the Guv through the power of interpretive dance?

I may return to this post if more excruciating nonsense happens.
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