Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

tonight we're going to party like it's 1995

  1. I finished the little Bridget Jones book, which is cheating to include on my list 'cos it's only 120 pages and very little pages at that, but I don't care. I had forgotten quite how much of an influence the columns had on me in my formative years, which is all a bit scary in retrospect. Daniel got explicitly compared to Hugh Grant before it was done, which was lols, and it ends with Bridget falling for a "young whippersnapper" at her new job called Matt, so you can probably imagine how he looks in my head. As far as I can tell it leads right up to the point where the first novel picks up, and I don't remember Matt from there at all, so I can only conclude he was edited out or something because I can't imagine that plotline having been dumped so unceremoniously in the original. I had forgotten how much social commentary there was in there. And also that Shazzer is the best of them.
  2. I am glad Ken Clarke is back. I know he is basically a drug pusher what with his work for BAT, but he is the sort of Tory I feel like I can have Sincere Disagreements with, rather than worrying is scheming away trying to destroy everything good and pure in the world, which is the sense I get from Cameron and Osborne despite their scary attempts to persuade us otherwise. Plus the disinterring of Europe as a debate topic is hilarious, because it's so obvious no one cares any more.
  3. Now if only I had my Babylon 5 tapes to hand I could recreate the feeling of being in the mid-90s perfectly.
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