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BBC1 last night

The Next Doctor Good overall; lots and lots of places where I thought it could have been better (the plot in particular is paper thin, with a vague "Cybusmen in the Void + nicking Dalek tech = anything we want!" where any thought should be: the thing that most pinged my suspension of disbelief was a tiny one, but it bothered me that the Doctor pegged the Cyber King as a "dreadnought-class ship" as thought it was entirely usual, when the Cybusmen never got anywhere near getting off the planet: did they steal Dalek files on Mondasian Cybermen? But still, Rusty got to do his Giant Machine Rising From Beneath schtick on Who for the first time), but not actively awful and that's a major step up on Voyage of the Damned.

The LXG influence is very obvious, but steampunk and Cybermen are a perfect combination and if you're going to steal, steal from the best. The "Next Doctor" plot was cleverly done (inasmuch as it was neither a "fuck you, you have to hire him as the Doctor at some point, future producers" nor a direct rip off of Big Finish), if obvious as soon as the all-purpose McGuffin of the story, the infostamp, was explained, but it was over too soon -- it was all explained by half way, leaving Jackson Lake little to do except have his son magically appear. And speaking of the son, this felt almost SJA-like in its front and centring of children as the people under threat, but then it is appropriate to the setting I suppose.

I liked Dervla, though I could have done with being sold more on her mind being so very speshul. I did headdesk at the end at the Doctor continuing to be blissfully unaware that it's not so much people leaving him as him messing them up in various ways, despite everything that's been going on, but overall straight-into-the-next-adventure is the best way: I didn't want Martha-moping in VotD and I didn't want Donna-moping here either.

Strictly Ah ha! So that's how they're going to resolve the voting issue in future: the underlying problem from one POV is that the judges can put more points into the pool than the public can, because a dead heat between two contestants on judges' scores happens quite frequently, but the odds against exactly the same numbers of phone calls being made for two different couples are so extreme that it's effectively impossible. By giving Len a final choice of ranking, you remove that and anyone can be saved from the dance-off, if only just. I am tempted to say they contrived the four-way tie entirely to demonstrate the new system, to be honest.

I wanted Alesha to win, but Jill was good so I'm not complaining too much. It was nice to see Kelly back, even though she is annoying in pretty much exactly the same way as Lisa. Rachel's rumba was insufficiently different from all the other times, really. Tom and Camilla should have played up the Fred and Ginger thing even more, the dance they did was a bit of a halfway house between that and Srs Bsns ballroom.

And Wallace and Gromit was just perfect.
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