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Lurky McLurklurk

This a post about the Christmas Number One

It's very interesting, the way the official chart now including downloads allows the public to rebuff cover versions like this. Not that the X Factor effect wasn't always going to get the new version to Number One, but Jeff Buckley coming in at Number Two is a pretty big Fuck You to Simon Cowell and his machinations. (I did my bit, mainly 'cos I like it and would like to have it anyway. Though it is still LAZY when used on the telly. The list on its Wikipedia page of the number of shows it's been in is insanely long.) I do feel a bit sorry for Leonard Cohen, only coming in at Number 36 when he wrote it in the first place.

I foresee a statute-of-limitations-type thing being brought in where the song has to have been released or properly rereleased within the last year to get in the chart or something. (A bit like Radio 1 did with their Most Wanted chart when they first brought it in, after the Manics fans realised they could organise themselves to get Motorcycle Emptiness on the radio every day. That was a bit awesome, actually.) Not just because of Cowell, but because otherwise every single Christmas from now until forever half the chart is going to be Mariah, the Pogues, Wizzard and Slade.

And when Peter Kay is making a valid point with his novelty record, you know we're in trouble.

Anyway, this is probably the only public post I'll make in the next week or so, so Happy Holidays, everyone.
Tags: ripping off lawrence miles's countdown

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