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I haven't trawled back through people's LJs to read under cuts, but the general non-spoilery impression I got at the time was that people weren't too fond of it.

Which I can't say I really get, to be honest, because OMG it's Father's Day done (almost) right. The plot still hinges on a main character who should know better doing something monumentally stupid, but there's so much more time devoted to demonstrating the knowing better that it didn't piss me off nearly as much. Also, there were no arbitrary Time Monsters{*}, but rather an actual demonstration of the effects of changing time (with post-apocalypse Gita! OMG!).

There was lots of other lovely stuff, too. I particularly enjoyed the old school shout-outs -- you can always rely on Gareth Roberts for that sort of thing, but the mentions of Aunt Lavinia and the fashion bits were wonderful. But so much other great stuff. Even the Graske became worthwhile with the twist in episode two. And lots of moving stuff with Sarah's parents; for some reason the bit that got to me most was the stuff about the war generation wanting to build better lives for their kids. And Rani kissing Clyde was great, as was Rani describing SJS as "very pretty". Luke was brilliant. And the TARDIS fakeout. And, yes, very good, and SJA continues to be the best of them and I still can't quite wrap my head round that.

And now I am going to have to reboot my computer because connecting it to the telly seems to have made it extra-faily and then watch the next one. I managed to not care about the Brig spoilers until I saw him just now in the Next Time trailer. Eeee!

{*} It's a sad-but-true fact that the simple act of substituting "Reaper" with "Chronovore" in the Father's Day script would probably completely reverse my opinion of it.
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