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Strictly again

Well, that is a turn up for the books. In some ways it renormalises things, because if John hadn't left there would have been three in the final anyway. And I'd be tempted to say they'd schemed it ahead of time to get themselves back to that situation. (I thought the obvious solution was to refund Tom voters and use the vote to determine which of Lisa and Rachel was completely safe.) Except that it clearly came as a complete shock to the contestants, and they filled with ten whole minutes of Christmas trailers, so I'm thinking not as preplanned as all that.

It does feel unfair, but I like Tom more than Lisa so I don't care. Actually, it's more Brendan that I really can't stand. Vincent is also very irritating, with his skeevy flirting. Camilla I am neutral on. All the professionals I really liked left ages ago. Though in fairness Lisa has made a real improvement (the "came from behind" storyline I was attributing to Christine the other week is really hers, isn't it?).

Rachel's going to win, and I like her so I'll be happy, but in a way I do think having people with lots of experience of this sort of thing isn't a level playing field (even if it's not this sort of dancing, you can't say that her SClub experience didn't prepare her in many ways). Watching Alesha on the Top 40 is not helping me not have this opinion, incidentally.

From another angle altogether, it's a very good move for the BBC as it's a Big Reality TV Story that still has legs, compared to "somebody won The X Factor" (I still don't know who). Can't hurt next week's ratings, I would think.

ETA: It occurs to me I never talk about the actual dancing, just the meta. I loved Vincent and Rachel's lifts this week, yes.

ETA2: Wow. The BBC message boards are Special.
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