Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

ZOMG Strictly

Tom and Camilla made a huge tactical error going for the jive for their reprise dance instead of one of their strong ballroomy efforts. I think they were going for a bit of a meta game of proving that they were brave and willing to have a go at the hard stuff and maybe go for a bit of a sympathy vote if Len was a bit mean to them.

Because the thing is, in the situation we're in there is no point voting to save Tom, as he cannot get out of the danceoff. Lisa and Rachel both have 3 points from the judges and he only has 1. Even if he wins the public vote, he gets 3 for a total of 4, and whichever of the girls comes second, giving them 2 and a total of 5, making them the safe one.

None of these mathematical facts stopped me from just wasting 15p on listening to Tess tell me I had voted for him. I like Tess's voice. Its northernness has a certain reassuring quality.

Rachel and Lisa's dresses looked much better than the sketches Claudia showed last night (I got to watch Takes Two for once!). Whoever does those sketches makes them look thin and weird and gets the colours wrong.
Tags: strictly come dancing

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