Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

Sarah Jane Smith

I am very behind on Sarah Jane. Very, very behind. And it's deeply foolish of because holy crap this show is awesome.

I watched this with less than a day to go before part one deleted itself from my iPlayer. As I say, deeply foolish.

That was basically bloody brilliant from beginning to end. An SJS-lite that still managed to put her in the centre, bonus Maria and Alan and fantastic interweaving of the emotional and alien bits (like Buffy when it's doing its own formula properly -- is it having teenagers that makes that work? because every little thing that happens is the end of the world when you're that age?). The continuation of the new series pattern of absent/evil black fathers is annoying, but given that SJA is doing the best on race out of all of them I'm still feeling pleased.

Essentially, I now ship everyone/everyone among the young protagonists. Simultaneously. They can all have big orgies in a couple of years' time. But particularly Luke/Clyde. That scene where Luke woke up with Clyde's foot hanging in his face! And then all the "you don't know who I am" bits and ... oh. It was brilliant. <3

How is it that this is the best of the three? Why can't they make the main show this good? What on earth went wrong to make Torchwood so spectacularly faily? Who is Phil Ford and is he really an alien? (And where is Enemy of the Bane on the iPlayer, huh? Is it that they're going to do the finale-on-BBC1-first thing and are syncing up to that?)
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