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my comics made me very squeeful today

BB #33 The cancellation of this comic is a CRIME AGAINST AWESOME. The whole thing is wonderful. I EVEN LIKED ROBIN IN IT, dudes. All the Titans were great, particularly Kid Devil (I love his bit in the earlier Titans appearance in BB when he's disrupting the space thing that I forget the details of but it was important to distract the people in mission control or something and he tells them they've brought this upon themselves by teaching evolution). But best of all is Jaime's continuing science geekery, from degaussing the magnetically powered people to responding to Doctor Polaris's "[long speech about my new monopole-based powers] Would you like me to demonstrate?" threat with "Yes, but only because I'm naturally curious about science". Actually, that's the second best bit. The best bit is the Brenda/Paco. Oh, I <3 those two so hard and I really hope I'm wrong about where it's headed.

Buffy S8 #19 This is the conclusion of the "Time of Your Life" let's-revisit-Fray arc. Weirdly, everyone in the future has stopped talking in the rather lovely slang of the original Fray (oh shush I liked it) and now speaks in Fireflyisms instead. Even weirder, these start to infect the page and a half of present-day Twilight stuff. ("I scored fine fatalities!" "You're the one who started blame-assigning ..." These are the sorts of thing Jayne and Kaylee say, not Warren and Amy.) The present-day Twilight stuff is what everyone's going to be talking about. Masked guy isn't Riley, and we know this because this issue he talks to Riley who appears to be working for him. I don't like this. I'm not overly keen on Riley but he doesn't deserve the bashing he gets in either fandom or later canon, so I hope that he's undercover broadly on Buffy's side even if not actually working for her.

The end to the main plot is rather anti-climactic, deliberately not answering most of the questions it raised, and overall it feels a bit inconsequential and makes me think that Joss's original no-time-travel edict for the Buffyverse was the right choice. It does give rise to more Willow/Buffy, though. I don't like Willow/Buffy. I mean, obviously that's a total lie because I used to read a lot of Willow/Buffy fic and even occasionally write some but I don't like canon Willow/Buffy now that Willow is gay because I'm generally keen on the idea that you can be close friends with a member of the gender you are attracted to without wanting to jump their bones. So. I do like Kennedy's line at the end there.

Nova #19 There's lots of awesome here, because the Nova Corps so is Marvel's ripoff of the Green Lanterns, and we all know how much I love them. We discover that Worldmind has been deputising more Novas behind Richard's back, and they go into action here being alien and awesome in exactly the way I love in GLC. I was disappointed with the use of the Serpent Society as the disposable bad guys (though the disposing of them "at rocket velocity" WAS very fun) because I liked Black Mamba that time she turned up in Cable and Deadpool. Also, there's a bad bit of schedule slippage side-effect here, as this is clearly post-Skrull-invasion and Secret Invasion #8 hasn't happened yet. Not that I genuinely thought the Marvel U might have to Embrace Change, but ... there's removing all the dramatic tension and removing all the dramatic tension. The overall change to Nova's status quo is a good idea, I think, but I'd sort of rather it wasn't on Earth, because Earth is already the centre of everything else that goes on in the Marvel U. And if Dark Reign is what the rumours say, the presence of the Nova Corps is going to interact weirdly with that.

GotG #7 This is great fun, with lots of fun bits and Rocket Raccoon being rather brilliant and sensible and Groot BEING GROOT and Adam and Gamora having fun and a good future-in-trouble plotline (I really like the way they do this, putting the future sufficiently far ahead that it's not directly affecting things but having legacies in there and stuff). But the bit that I liked best is that Drax and Quasar, while looking for Cammi (which I'm very chuffed about anyway because I liked her) instead find hints that Heather aten't dead. And that makes me very, very happy indeed, because I ship Heather/Phyla hard. Given that we're following all the original team members, the Guardians are clearly going to reform at the end of this arc, but when it's done well I enjoy this sort of everyone-off-doing-their-own-thing thing. (Weirdly, I hate it in Angel. I think because Angel gets so depressing with those bits generally, whereas this maintains its sense of fun still.) I do think maybe British authors should stop calling plots like this "No Future" now, though. It's been used enough times.
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