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Things I was tempted to spam you about in the last week or so, all in one handy post.

  1. I know it's deeply tedious to LJ about having trouble getting onto LJ, but the servers are significantly less robust since the move, y/y?
  2. I liked the remake of Terry Nation's One Other Good Idea Survivors, myself. I love me a post-apocalypse, so I was always going to be cheap for it, and in fact I'm slightly surprised at myself for never having tracked down the original. Sad about Freema being killed off but also pleased they managed to fake us out (she must have collaborated, to be so involved in the pre-publicity, y/y? just makes me love her more tbh). They don't seem to be shying away from the "human nature, red in tooth and claw" aspects, which is good. Max Beesley's character bodes well in this area in particular. I really really hope he doesn't end up like Simm!Master or the Joker with a pack of scary fangirls who have disturbing fantasies about him.
  3. I have been thinking about the tendency of bad fic to drive out good, which is a pattern I've seen in pretty much every comm I'm familiar with that's even slightly active. But the more I think about it, the less Gresham's Law (OK, so I didn't know that was what the money version was called until I read Wikipedia, shutup) seems an appropriate analogy. The real problem is the correlation between the quality of people's writing and their tendency to be all "ooh, shiny" about the new thing as soon as it comes along and therefore stop writing for whatever the previous ooh-shiny thing was.

    This graph shows how the total amount of fic changes from a high level of fic being posted, most of it quite good to a smaller amount that's mostly quite bad.

    OK, so I lied. That's actually a graph of what happens when you have a mixture of radioactive isotopes with very different half-lives, with the labels changed. Which is kind of my point: the badfic isn't driving out the good, the goodfic was never going to stay around for long because its writers have a short attention span/half-life: they get all Kiki-like and distracted by the next thing and move on to that, leaving the lower ongoing level of badfic to be the dominant stuff still being posted (note that that's still declining: the badfic authors move on too, just much more slowly).

    This is all based on a single assumption that's very easily questioned (that there's a strong correlation between fic quality and author's attention span), and there are certainly effects that this doesn't model: once we get to the late stage, the proportion of goodfic is probably even lower than the almost-zero that this shows, because good writers shy away from the place with a bad reputation. And there's a lot worth talking about in the fact that most of the badfic writers don't ever really seem to improve very much, because of the Cult of Nice. But it's part of the natural decline of ficcish comms, not some sort of terrible conspiracy of badfic authors to be bad. And it's something that's really hard to change, unless you can enthuse a significant number of goodfic authors again somehow.
  4. I'm going to cop to this one publicly rather than on my filter because I'm quite proud of it: I wrote TARDIS/Sapphire for the kink meme and here it will be on Teaspoon. (YAY! The 'spoon lets you do colours! I'm so glad I have any sort of self-restraint at all, or all my fics would turn into rainbows or something.)
  5. I am thinking about rewatching S1 of New Who properly all the way through soon to see how it holds up. I liked it at the time for being new Doctor Who on the telly but I have always hated Nine's inability to take the tough choice, which is pretty much his defining character trait as far as I'm concerned and the thing that gets him killed. And also the arbitrary "this person > that person" thing which I had issues with ever since Mickey in Rose. If I do should I post about it, or would it become tedious and be too likely to be hatey? (I may rediscover all the things I enjoyed first time round, or I may notice lots of stuff that prefigures RTD's patterns of fail that weren't obvious as patterns at the time.)
  6. I keep getting in fights on who_anon with people who tell me I'm an emotionless drone who cannot appreciate any modern TV, just because I think the emo in new Who is overdone. And this is just rubbish, because I like plenty of modern TV which is full of the same sort of emotional beats as new Who. The big difference, I realised this week, is that they earn them. The most recent Spooks killed off Ben horribly and there's a fantastic scene where we see the characters reacting. And Jo has had an ongoing plotline about the trauma she went through at the end of the previous series. And Malcolm continues to behave in ways that are inflected by the loss of Colin quite a while ago now (OK, maybe that's me mostly reading it in, but I love that pairing and am convinced it's very nearly canon). Meanwhile, Survivors had several scenes of characters screaming with inchoate despair/rage/whatever, because everything they knew or loved has been destroyed by the virus. And I was fine with all of that. Because it's earned, and because it doesn't turn the characters into complete idiots who fall apart and are incapable of doing anytihng useful. Meanwhile the characters in new Who are emo in ways that make them stupid and/or hard to like. (If I do do a S1 rewatchathon, Father's Day is going to get a heavy drubbing.) Part of the problem I think is the way they oscillate wildly from giddy space-time adventuring to OMG-this-is-so-traumatic, which should be fine, because Who has always had jarring shifts of tone, and you can make an argument that the giddy stuff is all about laughing at the darkness and so on. Actually, I think the real problem is S2 and the repeated occasions on which Rose and the Doctor seem completely unaffected by death surrounding them on all sides as long as the people at risk aren't each other. And then the way in which Rose is apparently a bigger source of emo than Gallifrey once she's gone. And, well, yeah, all that stuff. These arguments are very well rehearsed at this point.
  7. Manufactured American girlpop seems to be having a very good run at the moment. Or my ability to have any discernment whatsoever has jumped straight out of a twentieth-floor window. One of the two. The worst part is that I really like Katy Perry's new song and am now trying to work out whether Kissed A Girl is really objectionable or not.
  8. OTOH: oh, god, James Blunt is so annoying. His songs are bad enough but when he's being interviewed he's so vapid. He's just saying all the standard "I just do my thing and if anyone else likes it that's a bonus" stuff, but he comes across so smug. I should know better than to watch E4 Music when they're not just putting videos on.
  9. Comics! Angel: After the Fall has finally started to make something resembling sense, inasmuch as we've found out what various people are up to. I am bloody well going to have to reread it from the beginning, aren't I? Also, there are lots of good comics coming out tomorrow. I'm a bit grumpy that the release schedules of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy have aligned, as it means I get all my Cosmic Marvel at once instead of nicely spread out through the month. Also, there is new Blue Beetle! I still can't believe that's been cancelled. Woe. Does anyone know many more we're getting? (My one Blue Beetle icon, let me show you it.)
  10. I am going to catch up on SJA now. My iPlayer has Mark of the Berserker, Whatever Happened to ... (which I assume they reshowed to prepare us for the reappearance of the Trickster, which suits me because I missed most of S1 -- apparently the boxset is out now but it will have to wait 'til I has money) and Temptation of ... This is going to be fun. (And again, there's lots of emotional stuff in SJA, but it doesn't stop the characters from being any use. Am not sure what I make of the Rani/Clyde I've supposedly got coming, we shall have to see. I don't like being against het pairings because they get in the way of the slash, but I really enjoy the Luke/Clyde and if Rani is replacement Maria then she should be crushing on Sarah, imo.)
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