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Oh Aaron no

I liked Aaron Sorkin a lot more before Studio 60 made his issues a lot more obvious and out in the open than they needed to be. Don't get me wrong: when he's good, he's very very good, but when he's bad ...

Oh, look, here comes Lily Tomlin, playing an addict who gets a redemptive plotline about being accepted by their friends and stuff. Just for a change. And here is Bob Ritchie, to tell us why it's wrong to vote for stupid people, in case we didn't know that already. And here is some very skeevy Josh/Amy stuff that is in character, but when the character being an arsehole is your secondary Sue (Sam being the primary Sue) then there are OMG-issues there.

And this is all coming after two consecutive episodes a little earlier in the season that were all about how stupid everyone on TWOP is. And god knows I think most of the people on TWOP (especially Jacob) are a bit up themselves, but it's just not classy to use your TV show to win an internet argument. I mean, it's nowhere near as bad as using your TV show to berate your ex-girlfriend for everything that's wrong about her and can we can back together now?, but it's still like Lance Parkin in the Gallifrey Chronicles x 1000.

Anyway, mostly I wanted to talk about Simon. You know, the dude who goes on to be in NCIS who is CJ's bodyguard when she gets death threats and there is gratuitous shipping of them and then he DIES by being GOOD and trying to stop an armed robbery even though he's off duty and buying flowers for CJ because he loves her. And basically, it is pointless. It's just there to add Moar Tragedy to an episode that's already all about extra-judicial assassinations of terrorist kingpins (by the SAS, so thanks for dragging Britain into your little post-9/11 fantasy, there) being the lesser of two evils. And the thing is, that's all it's there for. He gets introduced, he gets a few episodes of not being allowed to kiss CJ and stuff, and then he's killed. He isn't even a gender-reversed woman-in-a-refrigerator{*}, because AIUI the thing about women in refrigerators is that they're killed to motivate the man, and apart from crying to Hallelujah (which is overused on telly, but I think this is what started it so it's a bit unfair to complain) Simon's death doesn't affect CJ at all in the long run. It never really gets brought up again, it doesn't impact on her views about anything, it doesn't affect her other relationships later on ... it's just a thing that happened.

It's still very good, and it's a very good episode overall, but a lot of its individual components annoy me quite a bit.

{*} I am catching up with pre-Geoff-Johns-reboot Green Lantern a bit and finally read Kyle's intro story the other day, so I have first hand experience of the template for this one. I did not realise quite how true it was, because they really, really sell you on Alex (in a slightly cheesecakey way, admittedly, but then it was the '90s: Superman turns up at one point with the most outrageous un-Superman-like haircut I have ever seen) and she exists all along for the purposes of being stuffed in there so he can be emo (but then forget his emo while Alan Scott gives him an infodump, because when your girlfriend's just been killed of course you want to know the ins and outs of the history of the GLC, of course you do).


Sorry, I am in a grouchy mood and it would be more constructive to do stuff to fix the sources of the grouchiness than redirect it at fictional things. So I shall go and do that. I think there is interesting meta to be made of the fact that most of the recent TV that by general consensus is really good tends to have a slightly megalomaniac auteur at the helm and maybe the fact that their issues get put front and centre like it or not is the price we pay for having something that has any sort of consistent vision in the face of networks and such regressing everything to the what-worked-before mean. But I am not the one to write it, and if I did it would end up being a very weak defence of RTD more than anything else.
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