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The first and most important to say is thank you so much for signing up for one of the fandoms I requested. And the second and almost-as-important thing to say is that I want you to feel completely free to ignore my prompts entirely and write whatever the hell you like. Which I know the rules say anyway, but I want to make sure I give that bit of the rules my full-throated support. Any fic of any sort in any of those fandoms would be lovely and a perfect Christmas present and so on. And of course you should feel free to stop reading this right now, and you weren't any obligation to read it in the first place, and so on.

On the other hand, if you're the sort of person who wants a bit more to go on, here are some thoughts on what I particularly love about those fandoms.

  • Bonekickers I don't want to offend you if you're the one person in the world who thinks the show is actually good, but I love how gloriously awful this programme is. Celebrate its crackiness or do something that takes it apart and puts it back together sensibly, whatever floats your boat. Though I have to admit to loving the fact that, having grown up in the West country, I know the locations.
  • Garth Marenghi's Darkplace And speaking of rubbish shows ... Well, at least here it's intentional. I love everything about Darkplace, from the attention to detail in the visual feel of the supposedly '80s stuff, to Garth and Dean's hilarious sense of self-importance.
  • Cable and Deadpool I LOVE THEM SO! For two refugees from the most excessive excesses of '90s comics, they do very well for themselves in this comic. I am particularly in love with Deadpool's fourth-wall-breaking (I am always in love with fourth-wall-breaking), but the whole thing is very well done and does a great job of mocking the inherent silliness of the Marvel Universe without fundamentally undermining it and indeed still cherishing it.
  • Green Lantern Green Lantern is what stopped me being a Marvel zombie, for serious. So I am mostly in love with the current Geoff Johns-led iteration, with a side bet of loving Katma Tui rather a lot. But I am gradually exploring the older stuff (in particular, the various Alan Moore-y bits that so much of the current stuff is based on), so anything you like is fine with me. What I love most of all is the oaths, for some reason. The oaths, and the sort of esprit de corps thing. I distrust blind loyalty and stuff like that, but there is something about those moments when it all looks bad and suddenly Guy (it's usually Guy) turns up with a dozen other Lanterns to sort everything out that really gets to me.

  • Finally, fic of pretty much any type and rating is fine with me. My two big squicks are incest and RPF, and I don't think they're very likely to crop up in any of those requests.

    Some possibly helpful links:

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