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Long meandering post is long and meandering

Here is a random list of things I want to say, in one big chunk in your flist rather than six separate spammy little posts:

  • OMG David Tennant is leaving!!!!one! I have no real emotional reaction to this yet, and I'm beginning to think I might not until we actually see him regenerate, because as an old schooler I always knew this was coming and because I have quite a strong separation between behind the scenes and on screen in my head. The most prominent feeling I can detect within myself is a slight miffedness that the odds of getting more onscreen Ten/River (and I do think SitL/FotD implied that she spent quite a bit of time with Ten, even if she also knows Eleven-plus) have gone from tiny to infinitesimal. And I don't even ship Ten/River particularly hard.
  • Fic! I wrote a fic for jadekirk in the Fall Fandom Free For All. It is called All's Fair and it is Ten/Martha in the future being all complicated and poly and happy but a bit bittersweet and it is on the Teaspoon here. Slightly annoyingly, I skipped getting this beta-ed because I was right up against the deadline for the Free for All, which has since been extended. But I'm very pleased with it all the same. The Free for All was a very good idea, and I really enjoyed all the stuff I did for it (and I am particularly happy at having got pretty graphical things from biichan and doyle_sb4), but if they do it again I won't be quite so overeager about signing up to do things.
  • Nanowrimo I'm not doing Nano. I never do do Nano, but I have been sorely tempted this year, because for a while this month I was writing at a rate that would have seen me over the finish line with no problems. But I haven't got anything in particular I'm burning to write, it's going to be a crunch month at work, and I can already feel my productivity going back to more usual levels.
  • But which of the two evils is the lesser one? Ohhhhhh. I have finally discovered what's going on with all this "Bad Behavior" rubbish that keeps stopping me getting to websites. I've spent the longest time assuming that the sites in question had been hijacked, because the page it comes up with when it blocks you looks suspicious to me, but it turns out to be that it's a legitimate anti-spam application the websites are installing to try and stop blog commentspam, and it blocks me because it doesn't like the look of my User Agent string. Which is the way it is because I'm doing the ignore-me-pls-LJ-toys thing. I am struggling to think of a good solution to this. Fiddling with about:config (which now comes with a "Here be dragons!" page in Firefox 3, bless) every time I get to a site that's blocking me is just too faffy, blocking remote images will kill my ability to stare at picspams diminish my browsing experience unacceptably, and in fact the easiest thing is to give up on being invisible to LJ Toys, except that I'm sure I really, really don't like some of the more extreme things it does, even though I have to admit I've forgotten what they are. At least I know what's going on now. Does anyone know a Third Way? Or remind me why I'm so convinced the toys are evil? (Or can persuade me that they're not that evil after all?)
  • Why I am a liberal (still not directly about the US election, I am keeping my promise) My morality is very much based around a vaguely utilitarian idea that we should generally seek to increase human happiness. And I do think that the '60s, for all that they're oversold at times by some of the people who were around then, marked a sea change in society's views on where the line comes between things that society has a right to veto to prevent bad things overall and things that people should just be left alone to get on with. We're still working out a lot of the detail, and people who don't like it are fighting hard against it, but that underlying social-liberal principle (which, slightly annoyingly for an archrationalist like me, I find is best summed up with that Wiccan thing of "Be an it harm none, do what you will") seems to be more and more embedded in the body politic, and that's a very good thing. And I can't help but think that the people who are so keen on telling other people that they're not allowed to do things that make them happy spend a lot of time not seeming very happy themselves.
  • Flist I like autumn. I like crisp, cold days. I like the pretty colours on the trees. I am not so keen on being out in the rain (and, whichever non-existent weather god was being funny earlier this week: no, hailstones are Too Much, don't need that again for a while thx, especially not while on the motorway) but I absolutely love the feeling of being snuggled up indoors while it's miserable outside. And recently I have been feeling very much like curling up with the laptop to read my flist is like having a big virtual open fire and huge armchair to do that in, so this is just a general post of appreciation at you all. I know I am mostly rubbishing at commenting but I do read everything (well, 'cept Twitter posts that are entirely composed of "@person_I_don't_know" lines) and think the appropriate varieties of good thoughts at you all when I read stuff about good/bad news or whatever (as though this by itself will do any good; I didn't say I was any good at being an archrationalist). You're all lovely and if I was in some sort of position of choosing whose happiness ought to be increased first, you would be top of the list.

Outside the cut, but still flist-related, I just added a couple of you, and would like to draw your attention (and that of anyone who missed it) to this flocked post about filters.
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