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This week's comics + AXM

Final Crisis #4 This worked surprisingly well on several fronts. I have previously been unconvinced by the whole focus on the New Gods, but this sells Earth turning into a new Apokolips, and the general "it's gods, we can't fight them like supervillains" things. And I'm a sucker for everything going to shit and looking hopeless, which it certainly does here. Green Arrow getting to nobly sacrifice himself was good, and giving the big stirring speech to Alan Scott was a big plus for me. Overall, though, it is far too long since the last instalment and I have made a conscious decision to avoid reading the tie ins and treat it as Grant Morrison Plays With The DCU (I am making an exception for Rage of the Red Lantern because it seems to tie into the stuff I am interested in but that's it) so I have no clue what's going on out of forgetfulness. But I'm sure it will work beautifully in trade.

Secret Invasion #7 and yet another NA tie-in The main book is one long fight scene with a couple of nice character moments, and New Avengers is all about the Hood and his villains finding out about the Skrulls. I am BORED of all this now, which is a shame because the infilitration end of it was quite interesting. However, the fact that the Hood is channelling Dormammu is very, very exciting. Because if they're bringing Dormammu back then they can't not involve Doctor Strange, surely? In fact this would be a very good way to get him back in the saddle -- a big challenge for him but one that he can overcome. Neilalien seems to think it will be dealt with by the new-Sorceror-Supreme, but my interpretation of this whole thing is that we're going to get a lot of pretenders to the throne but in the end Stephen'll come back better than ever. It may be that I am cutting Bendis more slack than he deserves.

Blue Beetle #32 I think it's great that they're exploring all this political stuff with Jaime, and the whole thing continues to be fairly awesome, but they seem to be soft-pedalling the actual politics of it. DA-guy wins Jaime over with statistics and rather weak arguments about the rule of law, but we never see it. Berto takes him back to the village, but we're supposed to infer Jaime's reaction rather too much for my liking. Meanwhile, knock-off Magneto guy gives us an entertaining but still overlong recap of his backstory. I'm sure the conclusion of this arc will be very awesome, but I am not hugely inspired by this particular issue.

Angel: After the Fall #13 This does feel very much like Angel the TV show, but unfortunately it's the bits of Angel the TV show I didn't like. The team was forever falling apart and reforming, and I strongly preferred it when they were at least vaguely getting along. This does look like things are heading in the reforming direction, but Gunn in particular's motivation remains opaque to me. Spike is good in this one, though. His captions remind me of the "I was once a badass vampire but love, and a pesky curse, defanged me" bit from In the Dark, which remains my all time favourite Spike bit ever.

The Beast/Brand is all very fun if you take it at the level I think it's intended, though I don't get Ellis's take on Cyclops or his attitude to it at all (on the other hand, despite feeling like Scott is out of character quite a bit, I love the Scott/Emma, 'tis weird). Where this is actually really exciting me in this issue particularly is the SFnal level, with the alt-reality mutants (the ghost box is a brilliant idea, especially the fact that S.W.O.R.D. are used to them) and the Chinese X-Men's own private Singularity that got cancelled by M Day, which is a wonderful way of complicating the whole thing. I do see Astonishing as a fairly direct successor to Morrison's New X Men, which is where I got on board with the comics version of them, but it's interesting the different takes on it the three different writers have. Morrison seemed to be about trying to define the mutants separately from the world that fears and hates them, Whedon is pretty much all about the characters he likes, and Ellis is using it to do SF-ish stuff in the Marvel U.
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