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Lurky McLurklurk

Edumacate me pls

So I managed to catch all of 20 minutes of S1 of SCC, but S2 starts on UK telly tonight in a little under three hours. I had previously put it down as a "buy on DVD on the cheap in a few years" show but it turns out Shirley Manson is in this new season (and somehow the Internet did not tell me this Important Fact, for shame, I had to find out from the newspaper) so I am Going To Bother.

So ... what do I need to know to understand it?

AFAICS, Summer Glau is Weird Girl Who Can Kill You again, but this time it is because of being a ROBOT FROM THE FUTURE rather than Ebil Gummint Experimentation. Like Arnie in the second film, she has been reprogrammed by the future resistance to protect John. (Presumably it is all set between the second and third films?) I imagine there is lots of exciting time travel paradox plotting that I will enjoy. From what I could see, the premise seemed to be that Sarah and John were hiding out but trying to be Joyce and Buffy live a moderately normal life, but she was sort of trying to avert the creation of Skynet as well. Which mainly involved trying to interfere with AI research. And there seemed to be some sort of unfriendly future Terminator or Terminators involved as well.

Help pls.
Tags: terminator: the sarah connor chronicles
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