Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

OK, so until just now I never thought I'd stop reading a comic to hug it to my chest because one of the characters had just revealed something heart-meltingly lovely.

And I never, ever thought the character in question would be Drax. He's looking for Cammi! They haven't forgotten about her! I really hope we get to see her soon, she was far too much fun for a cookie-cutter wisecracking tough kid character.

Also, yay for staying in hotels with actual proper fast wireless broadband. (Almost 10MB! It is liken unto a dream.) I shall probably eschew the delights of sightseeing and stuff for being able to watch the iPlayer properly. Sad, sad me.

ETA: OMHFG, it's downloading the whole of last night's Silent Witness in less than ten mins. Is there anything at all the BBC have done in the last seven days that I should be d/ling? (Also, I am going to have to catch up on SJA, what with having discovered that I missed the window to get Day of the Clown pt1, I shall have to watch Last Sontaran so I can then watch that from here where it won't stutter.) The only thing that's slow is connecting to my BTish webmail facility. The hotel's supplied by Virgin, so what I want to know is who thinks they're making whom look bad?
Tags: comics, random nonsense

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