Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

I went shopping

So here are three DVD things I bought today in a bit of a splurge I couldn't actually justify:

  • Bonekickers complete series one (£30, 344 mins, 8.72p/entertainment minute)
  • BSG S4 (£27.99, 518 mins, 5.40p/entertainment minute)
  • Peep Show complete S1-5 box set (£25, 742 mins, 3.37p/entertainment minute)

Mathematically, it would seem that a minute of Bonekickers is only 0.5% less good than a minute of Peep Show and a minute of Battlestar Galactica put together. I find this unlikely.

OR IN OTHER WORDS: WHY DO I LET THAT SHITTY SHOW GET AWAY WITH BEING SO SHITTY AND BAD VALUE FOR MONEY? I really hope it doesn't get renewed because it does well on DVD, or something. I may have to write a letter to the BBC pointing out that I only bought it for the lols.

Also, it is a bit daft of me to buy BSG S4 when I have never got round to watching S3 yet, and by the time I do manage to do that S4 will have dropped in price massively. I am horrendously excited about Peep Show though as I am very bad at keeping up with C4 late night comedy stuff these days.

Unrelatedly, Ice is so going to become a Star Sapphire, isn't she? I should have seen it coming as soon as they reintroduced her, it's an excellent way to give Guy angst during the Rainbow Lantern business. The Star Sapphire ring induction bit was a bit awesome, the "follow your heart" thing nicely suggestive of the idea that the further you are from green the more influenced by the emotion you are which was in there somewhere.
Tags: bonekickers, rainbow lanterns

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