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Lurky McLurklurk

*bounces round like Tigger in a particularly manic mood*

OK, so when I signed up for dw_femslash this year and mentioned Izzy out of DWM in my "people I'd like to read about list", it was pretty much a shooting the moon thing. Because I ♥ her and I want there to be fic of her and I figure that if I keep mentioning this enough it will magically happen.

And, OMG did glinda_penguin come through for me in spades with this fic here which you absolutely must read right this very second, even if you have no clue about this stuff. (And then you must go out and buy Endgame and so on, but for now: read the fic.) It's amazingly good and gets it all just right and oh wow.
Tags: fic recs

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