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Reach for the Stars

This post is not about S Club 7 (though of The People I Like In The Dancing, Rachel is the only one with half a chance, except she's going to fall victim to a mid-series "she already had dancing training in her background even if it wasn't ballroom/Latin" backlash).

No, this post is about exactly how awesome Blue Beetle is.

I fell in love with the Ted Kord Blue Beetle (and his true love with Booster Gold) when I read OMAC Project. My first contact with the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle was the Sinestro Corps War tie-in, which convinced me to go back and start on the trades. Having done this, I jumped on the ongoing with #25, making the incorrect assumption that the trades were going to be chunks of exactly six issues each. So the latest trade, which starts with the Sinestro Corps story, and runs through to #26 actually contains only 4/7 material I haven't seen before (including the source of my icon; it is nice to actually own that).

So here is exactly how awesome Blue Beetle is: despite having read much of it before, I read the whole thing straight through without stopping.

The big defeating-the-Reach storyline is fantastic: from about halfway through the second part, it's just a non-stop cavalcade of awesome character moments that made me want to punch the air. (In no particular order: Traci 13 introducing herself to her boyfriend's family -- with cookies -- in the middle of the crisis; Milagro telling Guy Gardner that her brother calls him the crazy one, and him replying "That's right, baby girl, I'm the CRAZY ONE"; the thing about Blue Beetles being that they don't need no stinking powers; Berto telling Bianca that their "young man" is almost as tough as his mother; Danni Garrett and Oracle; Paco and Brenda's kiss{*}.)

I particularly love Jaime's mother, who simply pwns wherever she goes.

Oh god, it is such a good comic. It feels a lot like early Buffy, in very good ways.

{*} Here is mah spec based on what happened over in Booster Gold: there is a bit of Paco/Brenda, but then Jaime and Traci split up (boo!) and Jaime/Brenda happens, pissing Paco off; he gets a scarab of his own and ends up being Black Beetle.
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