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'Doctor Who' #6 This is the last of the Gary Russell run. It does terrible violence to the Doctor's character.

That said, there is quite a lot of good in it. Ten's motormouth thing is there, though largely as an excuse for wrapping up the plot nice and quickly (I do sort of wonder whether this "six issue miniseries" thing was a later invention, because it feels like Russell is packing a lot in). There is LOTS of shippiness, with the Doctor telling Martha he loves her (in the "you have just done good companioning way", but I will take what I can get), a kiss on the cheek for luck, and an awesome bit of her pointing out that she's not just along for the good bits of the ride, and showing that she pwns him quite a lot. Also, there is a good casting in-joke, because there's a whole big ER discussion that sings the praises of Doctor Corday. (Martha likes ER, apparently.)

The plot is mediocre and tedious, and even the Doctor seems fed up with it by the end (the very last line is that he has told the Big Goods he never wants anything to do with them, ever ever again) and the art is typically horrendous (no one looks anything like themselves, and not in the good Georges-Jeanty-on-Buffy these-are-the-comics-versions way).

The awful bit comes when the Doctor realises he doesn't know which Teletubby (misspelt "Teletubbie" but then the next comic down has "inconsistancy" so I am going to have to lower my standards) is Martha's favourite. He thinks to himself that if it turns out to be Po, he will ditch her (it's OK, though; Martha likes Tinky Winky. And his handbag.). Clearly, this is a joke, but it is JUST NOT FUNNY, OK, Gary? PO IS THE BEST OF THEM. SHE IS RED AND HAS A SCOOTER AND EVEN MORE OF HER DIALOGUE IS HER NAME THAN FOR MOST TELETUBBIES AND SHE MAKES SQUEAKY WHEEL SOUNDS WHEN SHE WHEELS HER SCOOTER.

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #1 I was OMG so happy when I got this in my order. OMG OMG OMG. I love Pia Guerra to death and her art here really is awesome, though the colouring job is not as good as that on Y, so I have newfound respect for ... er, whoever did the colouring on Y. Also the panels are smaller, and I did love the really big panels in Y, it gave it a certain style. I am quibbling. It was great. THEY LOOKED THEMSELVES, BUT IN A COMICS-Y WAY. This is how it should be. And the flashback was all sepia-y because One is a b/w Doctor. That was quite cool.

The story was ... er, not so great. There's a great big contrived framing plot to do little vignettes with each Doctor, which is all well and good in and of itself (fandom has accused the thing of being an Eight Doctors retread, but the vibe I got was Five Docs, with the hand on the controls and the man being the sum of his memories, a Time Lord even more so and, er, yes), but the One plot that we got in this issue was ... oh, god, this is going to sound mean. And I did enjoy the comic overall, because OMG Pia Guerra, though frankly I would have loved the Gary Russell run 1000x more if she'd been drawing it. But it was like reading one of those fanfics written by new schoolers who want to try and tie everything together but are going entirely off Wikipedia articles and questions they've asked at dwcanon_fodder. It's the grumpy evil One of fannish legend, which is a mischaracterisation I particularly hate. In particular the antagonism between the Doctor and Ian and Barbara just does not fit anywhere. It's set pre-Aztecs, because there's a joke about that at the end, but they were never this mean and bitchy about each other. In particular, Ian keeps making these really OOC jokes. Back when they were slightly at odds it was because time travel was SCARY and DANGEROUS, so Ian joking about the Doctor in mean ways seems really really odd. Hopefully the subsequent ones will be better. I do like that the Two costume they're using has the stovepipe hat, I am taking that as meta-comics continuity rather than the same "we only have this one visual reference" thing that meant he kept the hat in the '60s comics.

New Avengers #I've forgotten already Which explains what the Skrulls were up to in House of M. It's quite good for the way they freak out when Wanda does her thing initially, but a bit inconsequential because House of M did in fact resolve itself without them needing to do much. Their conclusions about humanity's uselessness are quite cool though.

Blue Beetle #31 This is generally awesome. But the single best bit is Paco (WHO I LOVE, even if I fear he is destined to become Black Beetle in the future) suddenly coming out with all this awesome political analysis (Jaime gets deputised as a border patroller, because this guy from El Paso is running for governor and needs to prove he's tough on immigration to the rest of the state without pissing off his local base, who all love BB) and explains that he "sometimes listens to NPR". AND THEN HE SAYS THAT JAIME CAN'T FIGHT CITY HALL, AND JAIME SAYS THAT HE COULD IF IT TURNED INTO A GIANT ROBOT. <<<3

Also, his mom gets to be in the plot properly, and is a bit brilliant (she uses an MRI machine on the electromagnetic villains, I am sure you can see why this appeals to me), but rather rubbish at maintaining the secret identity thing.

OH GOD, I LOVE THIS COMIC. It's amazing how it hasn't even missed a beat with all the behind-the-scenes changeovers. I am going to put this down to good editing work at DC.

And still to read: Nova, WHICH LOOKS AWESOME; Deadpool (er, yeah, #1 did not convince me -- not a patch on Nicieza's take on him in Cable and ... -- but I'm giving it a chance because I <3 him so); Black Panther which I only ever read on crossovers (Secret Invasion T'Challa: not as awesome as Civil War owns-all-the-idiots T'Challa but still fairly cool); and Fantastic Four: True Story, which is very indulgent but I am in a good mood with Paul Cornell this month and I'm cheap for this sort of metafiction.
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