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Fic: The Appliance of Science (Torchwood, Gwen/Tosh, NC-17)

Title: The Appliance of Science
Author: ionlylurkhere
Pairing: Gwen/Tosh
Rating: NC-17 for sex and swearing
Word count: 2500
Spoilers: Vague allusions to Greeks Bearing Gifts but that's about it. Set somewhere around the end of S1/beginning of S2.
Notes: written for fajrdrako in the Fall Fandom Free for All. (ETA: Thanks to who_anon for acting as a sounding board.)

"Pizza!" Gwen called as she kicked the door closed behind her.

Tosh twisted round on the sofa, unwilling to relinquish the comfort of the cushions. "Oh, I know you, Cooper, you never bring pizza without it being part of some cunning plan. What is it this time? Huh?"

Gwen laughed as she dropped herself onto the sofa and the pizza box onto the table in front of them. "Nothing! This pizza has tomato, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, red onion, and no ulterior motive."

Tosh mock-rolled her eyes. "Oh, OK then, I believe you." She nodded as Gwen waggled the wine bottle over her glass.

"You put the DVD in then?" Gwen asked as she poured.

"All ready to go," Tosh said. "Though I'm sure you could have done it yourself."

"But you're so good at technology, Toshiko my dear ..."

"You're lucky I didn't reconfigure your DVD player into a narrowband laser pulse transmitter rig and flag down a passing spaceship."

"Can you really do that?" Gwen asked around a mouthful of pizza.

"I could have done, given how long you took to get the pizza. Were you flirting with the delivery boy?"

"I can't help it if I've got an open, friendly face, an approachable manner and good tits," Gwen huffed jokingly. "What did you put in, anyway?"


"I thought this was supposed to be a night off, Tosh. That sounds like a normal day at the office!"

* * *

They gave up on Armageddon after less than half an hour, Gwen insisting loudly that "excessive nitpicking" was an arrestable offence under the 2006 Terrorism Act. The obvious choice to replace it was Dangerous Liaisons, to continue the normal-day-at-work theme.

The pizza had given way to Haagen Dazs, and they were making good headway on the cheaper and nastier bottle of wine, when Gwen said, with a slightly swaying nod towards the screen, "God, she's gorgeous, isn't she?"

Oh, here we go, Tosh thought. This was the real reason she'd kept quiet at work about being into girls until the business with Mary had dragged it all rather painfully out into the open. She wasn't in the least bit ashamed, but the conversations with straight girls turned bi-curious after a few drops of booze were deeply, deeply tedious. Michelle Pfeiffer might not have been quite as obvious a choice as Angelina Jolie, say, but hardly unexpected. The real surprise was that it had taken Gwen this long.

She grunted noncommittally.

Gwen continued undeterred. "I mean, wouldn't you love to pin her down and fist her 'til she screamed?"

OK, so that was a bit of a deviation of the script. Tosh drew her knees up to her chest and looked at Gwen through narrowed eyes. "You've ... done that sort of thing with girls before then? In real life?"

"Toshiko, honey, we work for Torchwood. Batting for both teams practically seems to be written into the contract. It's narrow-minded enough of me that all my partners have been human."

"Yes, well," Tosh said ruefully.

"Oh, Tosh, I didn't mean it like that. Shit. Sorry. Stupid old Gwen fucks it up again, opens her mouth just wide enough to jam her foot in."

"It's OK. You know, Dangerous Liaisons!" She gave a painfully wide smile, then took a long drink of wine until it became true, gasping for breath when she finally finished. "Do you really think Owen, though?"

"I definitely think Owen," Gwen said. "Probably when he was at uni."

Tosh laughed and rearranged herself on the sofa, tucking her legs under herself and squidging closer to Gwen. "And what about you? Does Rhys mind?" she asked.

"About me fucking girls?" Gwen laughed and made an expansive gesture that only just avoiding spilling wine all down Tosh. "He bloody loves it! Talking about it's my guaranteed technique for when I need him to hurry up and come."

"I'm starting to think you did have an ulterior motive with that pizza after all," Tosh said quietly.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, maybe not so much the pizza, but inviting me over here while Rhys is away, plying me with alcohol--"

"Plying! A bottle and a half between us is hardly plying!"

"It's all a bit 'Miss Cooper, are you trying to seduce me?' though," Tosh said.

"Honestly, Tosh, nothing was further from my mind. I thought I'd be a bit lonely while Rhys was off at his bloody HGV show and it'd be a good chance to go to know my co-worker better." She sipped her wine. "You know, for someone who can come across so shy and meek sometimes, you don't half fancy yourself."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, assuming that I fancy you like that!"

Tosh felt slightly crestfallen; it must have shown, because Gwen quickly said, "I do, though."

"You do?"

"You're bloody gorgeous, Tosh. I've fancied you ever since we first met. You're definitely the most fuckable member of the team."

Tosh's eyes widened involuntarily. "Really?"

"Oh, yeah. I mean, Owen's got that, you know, raw masculinity--" Tosh nodded, then worried she was seeming too enthusiastic "--and Jack's Jack, and Ianto -- well, it's weird to even think about it, he's so into Jack, and I secretly think he'd be a bit ... you know, stern. But you're well sexy. I love your bum."

Tosh leaned over gently and kissed her on the cheek, then whispered in her ear, "Stop talking now."


* * *

They landed on the bed in a tangle of limbs and half-removed clothing, rolling almost from one side to the other before their momentum finally dissipated. Tosh wound up on top and her hands quickly found Gwen's breasts, scrabbling to push the fabric of her bra out of the way. "You were right, you know," she said. "You do have good tits."

"Well, thank you." For all her earlier boldness, Gwen seemed slightly befuddled by being complimented, and Tosh decided to stay quiet. Instead of singing their praises further, she decided to express her appreciation in other means. She leaned down and kissed the soft skin of the breast that she had exposed, starting with gentle pecks and moving on to long licks, up and down at first then spiralling in to the nipple, finally gripping it lightly between her teeth. Gwen moaned; Tosh applied a little more pressure and it became a gasp.

She began to fumble with the other half of the bra, twisted out of shape by the way it was now half-on and half-off. Before she could struggle any further, though, Gwen levered herself away from the pillows and reached behind herself to unhook it. Tosh helped her remove it properly, then returned her attention to the newly uncovered flesh, starting again with kisses and moving on to nibbling the nipple slightly. This time, as she did so, she slid a hand down Gwen's torso, slipping her fingers under the elastic of her knickers and resting her hand just underneath. She glanced up to see Gwen biting her lip in anticipation.

Slowly, her fingers crept further down, all the while keeping her lips, tongue and teeth busy with Gwen's breasts. She felt the softness of Gwen's pussy lips yield slightly as she pressed harder, and was rewarded with a rush of wetness as they parted and her middle finger slipped just inside. "Oh, Tosh," Gwen said. "Please ..." Tosh dipped her finger further in, then moved upwards to begin drawing lazy circles around her clit, feeling its folds unfurl under the stimulation. She maintained a slow, even, almost, to judge by the moans Gwen was making, agonising pace, each tiny touch she made increasing her own arousal as well as Gwen's.

Eventually, with a final gentle nip on the soft flesh of Gwen's tit, she wriggled down the bed to rest her head between Gwen's legs. Sliding two of her fingers down and into Gwen's cunt, she began a vigorous assault on her now hardened clit with her tongue, alternating circular motions with periods of flicking straight up and down, breaking the rhythm at irregular intervals to prolong Gwen's delicious agony.

When she could feel Gwen's orgasm approaching despite her attempts to delay it, she ever-so-slightly grazed her teeth across the sensitive tip of Gwen's clit, and pumped her fingers harder than before in Gwen thrashed on the bed, hands making uncoordinated flailing movements as her legs momentarily gripped Tosh's head between them. Then she slumped back, relaxing. Tosh gave her mound an almost-imperceptible butterfly kiss, then withdrew and slid back up the bed to lie next to her. "You're so sexy," she whispered in Gwen's ear.

To her surprise, Gwen responded forcefully despite still being caught in the immediate afterglow. She grabbed Tosh's head between her hands and kissed her hard, rolling her over so that Gwen was now lying on top. Tosh was always turned on by kissing someone after she'd gone down on them, so when Gwen said "God, I love to taste myself on your lips" she practically squirmed with delight.

"Say that again," Tosh implored.

"I love to kiss you after you've made me come with your tongue," Gwen said. "And now I want to make you come."

"Yes, please," Tosh said.

Gwen wriggled round until she was mostly lying across Tosh's right side. Her hand slipped down to Tosh's cunt, and Tosh became aware for the first time quite how horny she had become. "You're so wet," she whispered in her ear.

"You're so sexy," Tosh replied. "That's why."

"Only naughty girls get so turned on doing things like that," Gwen said. "Are you a naughty girl, Tosh?"

Gwen's words were making butterflies dance in the very pit of Tosh's stomach, but she wasn't quite sure she wanted to explore that sort of thing straight away. "Surely it was nice of me?" she mock-pouted.

Gwen took the hint. "You're right, it was," she said in the same alluring voice. "You deserve to be rewarded." She moved slightly so that she was lying more completely on top of Tosh, and her left hand flew out to grope around on the bedside cabinet.

Tosh felt squashed, in a not-altogether-pleasant way. "Gwen," she said in a slightly strangled voice, "what are you doing?"

"Ah ha!" Gwen said triumphantly, moving her arm back and adjusting her position so as not to crush Tosh quite so badly. Tosh got her answer moments later, when she heard a humming and felt the accompanying vibration against her mound. From the feel of it, Gwen's vibrator was a small ovoid, designed more for external than internal use. Probably powered by a lithium-ion battery because of the size constraints ...

She decided this was probably a good time to try and switch the technical part of her brain off. As Gwen slid the toy around her pussy, exploring its outer folds and returning, the insistent buzzing sent darts of pleasure cascading through her nervous system, each almost overtaking the one before. She began to pant hard as the amazing sensations built, and built, and built ...

... but never quite reached the point of tipping her over into climax. She tried concentrating solely on the feelings radiating from her pussy, but it didn't help. She tried remembering the sexy things Gwen had said, about tasting herself on Tosh's lips or calling her a naughty girl, but that didn't make a difference to the fact that there just wasn't quite enough stimulation coming from the vibrator.

Gwen leaned upwards slightly to whisper in her ear. "Come for me, Tosh."

Tosh gave out a growl, composed of equal parts arousal and frustration. "You have no idea how much I want to!"

"Is there a problem?" Gwen spoke normally, and the contrast with the sexy undertone she'd been using was rather disconcerting.

"It's not enough!" Tosh admitted with a wail.

"I could ... do something different." She pushed slightly harder with the vibrator, and went back to whispering. "I could lick you, run my tongue up and down your clit, or slide my fingers inside you and stroke your G-spot ..."

"No, it's ..." Tosh groaned again "... good, it's very, very good, it's just not quite enough. I don't want different, I want more." She thought for a moment. "Just a minute. Give it to me." And before Gwen really had the chance to object, she'd taken the vibrator from the other woman's grip and turned it off. She wriggled up the bed slightly until she was half sitting up, and twisted the vibrator until it popped open into two halves, revealing the mechanism inside.

Gwen looked nonplussed as she scooted out of Tosh's way to one side. "Huh. I didn't know it could do that."

"How else do you change the battery?" Tosh asked distractedly as she peered at the tiny little motor.

"I, er, I don't think I ever have. It seems to have lasted OK so far."

"Hmm. Have you got a hairpin?"

Gwen fumbled around beside the bed in much the same way as she had to find the vibrator itself, then passed one to her. Tosh poked it in and made a few adjustments, then picked up the casing and sealed it shut again, discarding the hairpin on the other side of the bed. "Try it now," she said, passing it back to Gwen.

Gwen thumbed the switch and almost dropped it in surprise. The gentle humming was now a violent buzz. "What the bloody hell did you do, Tosh?"

Tosh smiled. "Turned it up to eleven."

"I told you you were a genius with technology," Gwen said, sliding the vibrator back into place against her mound.

"Oh, yes, that," Tosh said, as the new stronger sensations began chasing one another around her body. Very soon she was just as turned on as she had been before the short interruption, but this time there was enough stimulation to push her over the edge. Quickly, she came, screaming incoherently. Gwen smiled wickedly at her, and kept up exactly the same movements as before, until Tosh pushed her away. "Please, no more," she said. "I can't handle it." She slumped back on the mattress, completely overcome.

Gwen levered herself up the bed by her elbows, moving round to wrap Tosh in her arms. She kissed her ear, then said, "You're amazing."

"So are you," Tosh said.

"I'd love to feel how that works now you've souped it up," Gwen said.

"Give me just a minute to recover, and I'd be happy to oblige. And then ..."

"And then?" Gwen prompted, when she'd been silent for a little while.

"What do you like to do with naughty girls, Gwen? Do you like to fist them 'til they scream?"

"Oh fuck, Tosh, what are you trying to do, make me lose control completely?"

"You losing control sounds delightful," Tosh said.

Gwen grinned. "We have to go to work tomorrow."

"Tomorrow's Saturday!" Tosh protested. "To be honest, I think Torchwood has a very unhealthy workaholic culture. It's about time we took some personal time. Jack can always reach us if there's an emergency."

"Fair enough," Gwen said. She rolled over to stare up at the ceiling. "No invasions for another twenty four hours or so, OK?" she said to it sternly.

Tosh smiled. "Twenty four hours?"

"Well, we need to factor in some time to sleep ..."
Tags: crotchwoot, femslash, fic

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