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Memes and quizzes are what LJ is for

A meme from pbristow:
  1. Comment on this post.
  2. I will give you a letter.
  3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

pbristow gave me "E".

I am going to try and not cheat and stick to people whose first names start with an E.
  1. Elsa Bloodstone Elsa is one of the obscure Marvel characters that Warren Ellis put in Nextwave. I have never read any of her previous stuff, though I did pick up Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas entirely because she was in it. Anyway, she's awesome: she's an English monster hunter with functional immortality. Her life takes on new meaning when she discovers that Mindless Ones explode on being shot. (Issues #7 and #8 of Nextwave are probably my favourites, on account of them taking the mick out of Doctor Strange.)
  2. Erimem Erimem is one of Big Finish's audio companions, a Pharoah who travels with Five and Peri, which is an awesome concept but I've never quite got on board the Erimem-love train, and I have a sneaking suspicion that part of my resistance is that I find the Planet of Fire-Caves of Androzani gap just a little too full these days. She does provide a good alternative perspective and interacts nicely with Peri, but ... yeah, I dunno. Maybe I just haven't heard her best stuff? Any recs? (The ones I have heard and not been hugely impressed by are Axis of Insanity, Roof of the World, Three's a Crowd and Council of Nicaea.)
  3. Eustace Scrubb out of Narnia Turned into a dragon that one time. Appears in my two favourites of the Narnia books (Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which I like for its episodic travelly nature, and The Silver Chair, which I mostly like for Puddleglum [even before he was Tom onna telly, thank you very much]) and unlike many Narnia characters gets to have something resembling a character arc. We shall ignore the fact that he is in The Last Battle, because that one never happened, k?
  4. Ellen May Ngwethu is the star of Ken MacLeod's The Cassini Division, which is probably my single favourite of his books, and certainly part of my favourite of his series, The Fall Revolution. Some idiotic people (largely American libertarians from what I can make out) on rec.arts.sf.written seem to think she's some sort of unreliable narrator antihero figure, but they're clearly wrong. Ellen is one of an elite force tasked with making sure the post-human remnants of a Singularity living deep inside Jupiter don't get out and ruin things for the socialist utopia that makes up the rest of the human-colonised solar system, where Babbage engines the size of mountains do all the computation because electronics are vulnerable to hacking by the Jovians. (This is the sort of setting that I just love.) Anyway, Ellen's great and spends a lot of the novel being confronted with things that work very differently to her world, but maintains her principles while broadening her mind and expanding her horizons. The epilogue is brilliant, but I shan't spoil it.
  5. Emma Woodhouse out of Jane Austen. I really, really don't like Emma the character (Emma the novel is a good read, but Emma being at the centre of it makes it not my favourite). I get that she's meant to be a cautionary tale about matchmaking, but a lot of people seem to like her for being quick witted and so on, and the former outweighs the latter by quite a large margin for me. In particular, the way she fucks around with Jane and almost permanently sabotages her chances of happiness is abominable. She recognises her awfulness at the end and is supposedly redeemed by the love of Mr Knightley but the novel spends too long detailing it for me to get on board. Then again, I'm one of about three people in the entire world who likes Fanny out of Mansfield Park, so my Austen heroine compass may be misaligned, I dunno.

and a quiz via morgeil:

This is a fun/silly little quiz thing where the challenge is to name all the episodes from a particular Doctor in five minutes: it only covers old school.

I have a huge unfair advantage here that I was insomniac last night and ordering Whoish things in my head is my preferred method of going to sleep (usually I can get to sleep by the time I've done all the companions from all the media, but last night was particularly bad so I got on to old school serials, which I can kinda sorta still remember from the production code list in the Gary Gillatt encyclopedia from when I was tiny).

One: took me two and a half minutes, one whole minute of which was trying to remember that The Web Planet existed

Two: three minutes fifty, almost half of which was taken up with my inability to recall "The Enemy of the World", which I was a bit surprised by as it's a doubles episode and I'm fond of those as handwaves for when I write Ten/other David Tennant characters.

Three: one minute twenty, once we get out of the burninated stuff I'm much better

Four: two minutes thirty, last one I managed was Invisible Enemy, and only because I realised I didn't have K9's intro.

Five: one minute seven, but I'm annoyed with myself because I forgot the Mara ones until last and they're mah favourites.

Six: thirty eight seconds

Seven: twenty eight seconds

I didn't manage to do any of them in order; I could have done Seven that way easily, but I was going for raw speed.

Weirdly, it accepts "The Dead Planet" for "The Daleks", but for all the other ones whose naming is oh so deeply controversial if you can find the right thread on the OG it only accepts the fandom standards. No 100,000 BCs or Inside the Spaceships or Dalek Cutaways here. Also it splits Trial up into the Target titles.
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