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Random pimpage

1. The Fall Fandom Free for All is a fantastic idea, a multi-fandom exchange of anything and everything running for the next two months. I already have, thanks to the unbelievable awesomeness of doyle_sb4, this here icon of Izzy and Fey kissing at the end of Oblivion. It is so shiny, you guys. Also, I am really looking forward to doing the things I've signed up for, though they're going to have to wait in line behind bluesuit_fic (which I have finally come up with a plot for, hurrah) and dw_femslash. (My requests are here, if any of you are feeling ultra kind. I really would love some proper Bonekickers meta, btw. There are so many different things you could go into: the show's schizoid gender poltiics; the phallocentricity of The Sword; the way the relationships between the core cast are like archaeology in and of themselves, layers and layers all built up on top of their earlier history; how plausible the conspiracy theory is or isn't. Or it could just be canon trufax proof of Gillian's kinkiness, I'd be down with that too.)

2. Even if you are the sort of person who never ever reads comics, you must read Y: The Last Man. It is unbelievably good, and I don't have time to rave on about it at the length I want to but OMG so very very good indeed and well worth looking at. Hell, it's gorgeous to look at: Pia Guerra is an amazing artist and I cannot wait to see her work on the new DW comic. I finally managed to get hold of the last four books of Y and devoured them all in less than 24 hours. (I almost cried at the big spoiler near the end, though weirdly enough Peter David's She Hulk managed to make me actually cry, which I was really not expecting. Incidentally, David has so been watching Torchwood: Jazinda is a Skrull version of Captain Jack with the immortality thin, and that Badoon bounty hunter had a Risen Mitten in all but name.)
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