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Journey's End

I loved that for the first forty minutes, in a "wham! bam!" non-stop fun way. It was nonstop, in a way that stopped you from examining things too closely, because oh look a German Dalek, oh look Jack's coming-back-from-the-dead gimmick, etc. but that also stopped some of the character moments working quite as well as they should have done. But the companionapalooza elements worked wonderfully and I did enjoy hand!Doctor's Donnaishness. And I loved the way Tate did DoctorDonna, spouting the technobabble joyfully and then occasionally stopping to go "Ha!" Brilliant, yes. Sarah Jane was great again, and I loved that Tosh saved Torchwood from beyond the grave. Also, K9! Yay. And I loved that Dalek Caan of all people had turned good and had orchestrated the whole thing to destroy the Daleks. So yes anyway it was a good big fun all-action switch-your-brain-off{*} spectacular for the length of a normal episode. But then it had this twenty minute epilogue. Which had severe problems.

Some people did get good endings: I'm very much looking forward to Mickey and Martha on TW, though I'm a bit pissed off that Mickey still seems to be the butt of all the jokes and only wants to stay in our 'verse 'cos of Rose/handDoctor or something. Sarah Jane got a particularly good send off, though it was a bit short.

Davros and Sarah Jane get to tell us about the two sides of the companion story (turning ordinary people into weapons, which, I'm sorry, is clearly the Rusty who wrote Damaged Goods popping up from wherever he's been hiding for a second, and the Doctor having the largest family on Earth in all the ex-companions who are around which was just melty) and we got Wilf being fucking awesome at the end there, and all of this had exactly no impact on the Doctor. He was mopey emo boy yet again, and dispensed with the unpleasant feelings Davros brought up by blaming them all on blue suit boy.

Actually, Rose's ending makes no sense at all unless it is Ten just dumping everything he's a bit uncomfortable with (including Rose) back somewhere where he'll never see them again. I disliked it, but not nearly as much as I didn't like Donna's ending.

I have done my capslock-raging about this over at the anon meme, but basically: it may have been "the only choice" within the story, but we never got any decent justification for why that was -- in particular, why he had to wipe the whole of her travels from her mind, rather than just removing the Timelordiness -- so it was really RTD's choice to constrict the choices available to the characters. And for some reason he decided that that was a good idea. I have seen people saying that it's OK because they can come and wave a magic wand and give her back her memories. Well, no, that's not OK. What it really shows is that we've got so used to everything being reset ("Rose is nevah coming back", "these are the last Daleks evah" etc.) that we automatically assume it when we get a plot development we don't like. Fuck that.

The problem with both the Rose and Donna endings is the complete lack of agency either of them has. Yet again. I defended this the first time round with Rose on the grounds that she was the first new-school companion and the audience who hadn't transferred their identification from her to the Doctor couldn't be expected to want to keep travelling with him if she didn't. But it's unforgivable now, especially after Martha got to walk out with her head held high. Even if Mickey can see the writing on the wall, Rose can't and they clearly haven't had a mature discussion about it. The fact that blue-Ten whispered something in her ear and gave her a bit of a snog -- at which point real-Ten ran off -- does not make up for the fact. And Donna, of course, was explicitly refusing the Doctor's mental surgery as he performed it. GIANT SQUICK.

{*} The pissmidget failed badly on Skience, surprise surprise. Unfortunately it completely undermined Martha's moment of kickass bluffing with Davros for me. 25 nukes even if they're rly rly powerful are just going to fuck up the crust a bit, and that's just the tiniest outer shell of the Earth. If the Daleks need the planet for its gravitational field or whatever then it's still going to be there, just with a poisoned biosphere. (Speaking of the planetary engine, I belatedly realised what "the motions of the planets affects things far away" really is: astrology. Still, it's a nice match with Whitaker's alchemical stuff from the other end of canon, at least.)
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