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That episode was all kinds of awesome almost all the way through. I'd just like to make that clear up front because there is a bit of moaning about certain recurring tropes in RTD's Who

  • Ace > Everyone Ever. Because she knows to aim for the eyepiece. Seriously, no one on Earth, not UNIT, not Jack and Torchwood, even tries to do this? Feh. (It's not like Group Captain Chunky Gilmore and the Brig and so on wouldn't have written all this stuff down. And I'm sure Jack actually told people to do it in Parting.)
  • And I'm sorry to say this because I do love them almost equally, but Barbara > SJS. When approaching Daleks in your vehicle, accelerate and run them over, don't screech to a halt! (Actually, the whole "Doctor's secret army" thing does make you wonder what the other former companions were up to when the Daleks were invading. I would love to read fic of Barbara and Ian organising the resistance in their retirement home or something.)
  • Oh, Harriet, yay! I was so worried after some of the spoilers. But that was perfect, from the "ha, see, I was right, he won't always be here, but I'm not going to hold a grudge" to the Daleks saying "We know who you are". Which made me laugh even as they were about to exterminate her, because I'm evil.
  • And on the subject of "exterminate", Lis Sladen knocked the ball out of the park here with her "I'm having Genesis flashbacks" acting. Fantastic stuff.
  • I was really quite surprised to find the Dalek plotline so compelling, but on reflection I shouldn't have been. For all that the hype around them is dull, when RTD's writing them himself he always manages to put a good twist on them. So we had Daleks with religion, Daleks with imagination, and now we've got Dalek Caan gone mad (though he isn't the real Abomination) after rescuing Davros from the Time War, who then gave birth to a new race of pure Daleks using his own biomass. All nice and creepy. And there's clearly more to the Supreme Dalek than we're currently being told. I hope it's not the Master.
  • Anyway, yes, Davros is back. The Doctor tried to save him. That's just ... right, somehow. (I did hear that right, didn't I?) And the Time War was "timelocked" except it's not, so there's a big "You can bring back Gallifrey if you want, Steve", isn't it? I hope he doesn't want to.
  • OTOH Rusty seems incapable of writing characters who aren't petty and jealous at inopportune moments. When the world is ending you do not stop to bitch at your boyfriend because he made one of his regular jokes, Ianto. And WTF was all that Rose's response to Martha stuff? Yes, I get that she was expecting Harriet to be talking to her, but she wasn't. She should have got over that quickly and thought "good, another pair of hands". All that "I was there first" stuff was particularly weird given that right there in front of her on the screen was Sarah Jane Smith, the person through/from whom she learned that that was not in fact the case. This streak in Rose's characterisation does make me worry a little bit for next week.
  • Other things not to do when the world is ending and there are Daleks everywhere: run at each other for a Teletubby style Big Hug. They were practically begging the Daleks to take a pot shot, weren't they? And why was Donna looking so very yenta-ish? (She's so very, very doomed, isn't she?)
  • I loved Team Torchwood in this. Just the way they were with each other, Jack kissing Ianto and Gwen on the foreheads, and Gwen doing that bit about going down fighting like Owen and Tosh. Yay.
  • Incidentally: Jack's wrist thingy just needed two numbers but he could never get them before now? Yeah, right.
  • Martha clearly has the all-important McGuffin that the Doctor will rewire next ep. That is the only reason I'm not grumpy she wasn't involved in the end of the episode. (She could have explained regeneration to Donna. That would have been great.)
  • The Shadow Proclamation was all good fun, especially the Doctor running away from them as soon as he realised they wanted him to be a general. They packed a lot into this ep without it seeming too rushed or like we were too long away from any one batch of characters. That was really good.
  • However, I'm a bit annoyed that the companion characters, despite being either in UNIT or possessed of an entire spinoff series and team that regularly saves the world, just gave up in despair and that we had a good ten minutes of "we have to phone the Doctor, he's our only hope". RTD makes humanity far too dependent on the Doctor, and this time round we haven't even got the thing where he needs their belief in him to power things. It's just "the Daleks are here, we may as well give up and die". Which is just wrong for some of these characters.
  • First only victim of Dalek death ray that we actually see on screen, just so that we remember exactly what the peril is: the black woman. Of course. Good one, guys.
  • Hell of a cliffhanger, though; I was sort of spoiled for it but I was expecting it to happen all within next week's ep.
  • ETA1: I squeed at all the post-credits names, but particularly, for some reason, at GDL's name appearing under Donna's face. It gave me a big "this is all the same universe" vibe along with the "Ianto is important" vibe.
  • ETA2: Everyone seems to think the previous attempt to move Earth line is a reference to the stupid "hollow out the core and turn it into a spaceship" thing from DIoE, but I'm thinking Ravolox, myself. That's a moment of him thinking the Timeys are back and ohshitohshitohshit.

I'm sure there are many other things I thought about during the ep that I have temporarily forgotten. This is going to be one of those posts that gets hundreds of ETAs as I read the flist and remember stuff.

Why isn't it next week yet?
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