Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

I should stay away from DWF, I know I should

In case people hadn't noticed, Lawrence Miles is routinely incredibly rude about all sorts of people. He writes from a position of such unexamined white middle class male privilege that it's mind-boggling really, and I increasingly wonder whether I just assume he's joking because I want to carry on liking him. His attitude to women, in particular his seeming fetishisation of the poor as somehow more sexually available because of that poverty, is especially sickening if you take it seriously.

So what really pisses me off about all the sound and fury surrounding his blog is that his rudeness is only ever really picked up on or described as a flaw or what have you when it's rudeness about other white middle class males who happen to write for Doctor Who. If just 1% of the verbiage that went into excoricating him over his largely-correct Unquiet Dead comments or dissecting Miles vs Moffat and whether he could piss Blink in his sleep had been devoted to the Eyeing up the Talent in Space and Time post (which he hasn't ever deleted) or such gems from the Countdown as "Since the Sugababes (Mutya especially) are so often described as the kind of Council girls who should be having sex in the backs of second-hand cars rather than making pop records" (and that's a band he describes one sentence later as "great", you should see some of the stuff he writes about the people he doesn't like), then I might take the opinions of certain people a bit more seriously.

ETA: And now I'm rereading the Countdown and laughing all over again because he does have a damned good turn of phrase. So I'm going to carry on assuming that he's not as bad as all that.
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