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Many, many things making me happy right now.

Firstly, a fic rec from sizeofthatthing: someone wrote my Fitz/Trix dressy-up-sex prompt and made it amazing.

Last night when doing my comics shopping I stumbled across the latest collection of Six strips from DWM, The World Shapers, which for some reason I was convinced wasn't going to be out for aaaages. So now I have MOAR FROBISHER to look forward to, as well as very-early-Grant-Morrison-does-the-Time-Lords. And also, there was Suburban Glamour by jamiemckelvie in trade. You may remember I think SG is the bestest thing ever ever ever and you all should read it. (It's about a teenage girl in a sleepy English town who discovers that her life really is stranger than she thought, but, y'know, in an absolutely brilliant way.) The trade is very attractively priced (I picked it up for £6.50) so you should buy it, but just to show you all how sincere I am about that you-all-should-read-it bit, I am quite happy to give it away ('cos I already have the individual issues) to anyone who wants it. Comment here to say so. If more than one of you wants it I'll flip some coins or something.

And this week's comics (well, and last week's, I didn't get to my LCS last week) also turn out to be awesome! I shall do these in bullet points with cuts. And then I might do some numbered questions, in remembrance of Deadpool. No, not really, that would just be too nerdy.

  • Buffy S8 #15 This is such a strong conclusion that I'm tempted to say Goddard must have done the plotting by coming up with a laundry list of what he wanted to do in the finale and worked backwards from there, but that's probably a little bit unfair. Renee is dead, which surprised me and I think is going to have to have repercussions for Xander, given that's his second eviscerated girlfriend in the space of a year, but this is a catalyst for Dracula to go absolutely batshit on his behalf in a very controlled, scary, but also hilarious way. Which was awesome and almost made me ship Xander/Dracula. I particularly liked Dracula's bit about how he was a mass murderer long before he was a vamp. Buffy/Satsu got probably the best ending they could have got, with both of them being sensible and mature, and there was a lovely scene between Buffy and Willow about how Willow doesn't fancy her honest and so on (I may write up my thoughts on Buffy's sexuality later, which are largely based on that scene; then again I might not as they're probably dull). Jeanty's art is particularly good in that bit, with their faces changing as they watch events. And as if all of this wasn't enough, the vampires have "countermeasures" for Giant!Dawn in the shape of Mecha!Giant!Dawn. Which leads to this awesome bit of dialogue:

    • ANDREW: *advice*
    • DAWN: What are you talking about? How do you know all this?
    • ANDREW: Hi. Have you met me? My giant-sized teammate is fighting a mechanized version of herself on the streets of downtown Tokyo. I've been preparing for this day my entire life!

    Mecha!Giant!Dawn is hilarious. She has a tail, and says overly facile summations of Dawn's character in a robotic voice ("I CRY A LOT." "I OFTEN LET BOYS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY WEAK EMOTIONAL STATES"). The whole issue is just brilliant. If there's one thing I didn't like, it's that the single-word spell casting was as Harry-Potter-esque as one of those Academy!fics where the Rani is Hermione.
  • Secret Invasion #3 and New Avengers #41 Well, OK, yes. New Avengers finally explains what was going on all the way back in its very first story arc, and of course the answer is SKRULLS. Cap turns up on the last page, just because we haven't had enough of that plot twist in the Marvel U recently. Spidey's good fun here with the Savage Land people he's not sure he can trust. On the other hand, Secret Invasion is a big series of set pieces tying together all the spinoffs, most of which failed to interest me. HOWEVER, it was still bloody brilliant because a) there was that fantastic scene where Skrull Queen V [I'm not being cutesy, I can't remember the rest of her name] mindfucks Tony into thinking he might be a sleeper-Skrull (I'm going with a combination of the interviews and an expectation they wouldn't want to backtrack so hard here, and assuming that Tony is not in fact a Skrull) and b) OMGOMGOMG final page Nick Fury and Doctor Strange! Fury in his SHIELD uniform carrying the Largest Gun Ever! And let's face it, a Strange Tales teamup is just fuckin' brilliant. It was like the post-credits bit of Iron-Man-the-movie x 1000000.
  • Final Crisis #1 Reaction to this on the Internets seems to have been mixed but I liked it. What I liked about it was that it was doing "OMG big stuff coming" but treating it as another day-in-the-life for the DCU. So the Guardians seal off Earth's gravity well as a deicide crime scene and send the Alpha Lanterns, but they're not suddenly mobilising for war (there's lots of Lanterniness in this one, which was bound to win me over). And there's a great bit with the Justice League where Bats and Superman establish the size of the problem, that ends with Superman saying "These are celestials capable of cracking the planet in half and enslaving billions. Justice League Condition Amber" because, y'know, there are worse things than that they've dealt with before. Lots of other fun stuff too ("the blindingly obvious Doctor Light/Mirror Master team!", come on, that's just hilarious on many levels), and I liked what was going on with the Monitors, which I assume is coming out of Countdown? Anyway, it all made sense without any backstory thanks to Morrison's skill at establishing stuff. Metron slouching in his chair was great, too. And I really didn't catch on that it was Darkseid until the bit with the eyes, which was dumb of me, but did mean that I got the full effect. Creepy glowy-eyed kids were creepy, too.

And I haven't even had time to read Nova-fights-the-Silver-Surfer or Blue-Beetle-goes-on-a-date-with-Traci-in-Hell yet. But I am sure they will be bringing me much joy too. All in all, I am very happy right now.
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