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in which I burble on about Silence in the Library

  • Waah waah waah Moffat has pissed all over my fave Doctor/companion relationship. Well, not really. And not fave fave, but one of them. Anyway, the "I point and laugh at archaeologists" line upset me on Benny's behalf, so there.
  • Oh, and my preferred Lance-Parkin-created Crack-Ship of Forty-One and Forty-Two/Iffy is also bollixed up if River is going to turn out to be the Doctor's wife. So I am within my rights to be twice as pissed off as those other people. Ha. (Actually, both of those are Lance Parkin-y, if we give him the credit for actually getting Benny to jump Eight in Dying Days.)
  • I was a bit disappointed by the acting at the very beginning when it was just the Doctor and Donna in the library. Which given that I've really been enjoying Tennant and Tate so far this season, and Euros Lyn is my favourite new series director by miles, I found a bit odd. Picked up once they had some other people to play off, though.
  • The Vashta Nerada were creepy (though I'm convinced there was a reverse angle at one point where they failed to paint the extra shadow in -- or were they already inside the suit by then? shall have to wait for someone to do screencaps to check). Anyway, batshit theory time: they're clearly the Faction's shadows, escaped feral into spacetime after Bad Things happened to the Faction at some point (either TAC, or the Shadow Play audio, or whatever). Shadows which cut --> piranhas of the air. It makes sense to me! And it explains how they can be everywhere in the universe even though we've never heard of them in the old series.
  • But creepier still were the data ghosts. They were a very clever idea, and the way it was used first for Donna stuff (she really is getting the harsh version of Intro To Time Travel, isn't she? "Yes, Donna, talking to someone's degrading brain patterns is perfectly normal AND NOW YOU MUST DO IT.") and then as part of the creepy stalked-by-a-shadow-possessed-spacesuit thing. (Though that cliffhanger went on way too long, which is a consistent new series failing I just don't understand. Yes, we've established that the spacesuit and the Donna face are both repeating the same phrases. You could have done it a little bit more concisely than that.)
  • But overall, it wasn't scary the way Moff's earlier scripts were for me. That bit at the end of Blink really did a number on me (seriously, I have to stare at the statues on the fancier graves when I walk past the local churchyard), the clockwork man under the bed in GitFace makes me jump and some of the stuff in Empty Child/Doctor Dances does it for me too (the typewriter scene in particular, for some reason). But for all that the components were in place here, it didn't work for me personally.
  • The girl is obviously the core of the computer (Cal, I suppose), with Colin Salmon and the Dad being other subprograms or something. Why it looks vaguely 21st Century, though, I haven't got a clue. (Or maybe CAL stands for three different components of the computer's personality? And each of the three characters is one of them.)
  • The River stuff, for all I liked it, was just a bit too reminiscent of Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveller's Wife for me, which is not necessarily a good plan on Moffat's part, as that's the SF book with the Richard and Judy seal of approval, so it's not exactly an obscure source. And it struck me that my response to all that stuff was hugely modulated by my knowledge that she is his wife, so they were almost relying on us knowing the spoilers. Which is rubbish and lazy, frankly. Especially since it would have been trivial to drop it into conversation with Donna.
  • In amongst the River stuff, we did get some Doctor/Donna shippiness over the "pretty boy" bit and the "hands!" Yay! They are so doing it but deeply in denial enough to pretend they're not any time they're not actually naked together. (Or, I dunno, maybe they do it fully clothed because their lust is too much for them to have time to get naked.)
  • I did love River's TARDIS-inspired diary, but that might just be because it reminded me of the hidden TARDIS in the Lawrence Miles library script. (I think this ep shows that they could have done the CGI for the library, incidentally.) Loz is very interesting this week, if you like people involved in high level fandom gossip giving you way TMI on their side of the story. Which I do. It does seem to have a bit of defensiveness about criticisms of Book of the World, though, which suggests to me that he reads far more than he pretends to.
  • I like the River idea overall, partly because I'm actually quite enjoying the anticipation of fandom exploding (sorry, but I am -- see above about fandom gossip), but mainly because it's the sort of big expansion of the Doctor's life that I like (I'm thinking of Lance Parkin again, actually). I do think there are gonna be issues with actually tying it up and we're going to end up having to fill in the gaps (like we do with pretty much all the characterisation ever, assuming that a whole bunch of books/unseen adventures happen every time we go from trauma to comedy ep). Because from the dialogue I get the impression she's specifically Ten's wife, and Alex Kingston is a fairly big star and the chances of it all meshing together to get the whole story between now and whenever Tennant decides to leave do not strike me as high. Ah well, as long as someone ginger gets to play the Doctor at some point I will be able to postulate an unseen Merlin season, so I don't see any problem dealing with all this offscreen. (Or: Moffat has already thought of this, and River's timeline is going to get retconned somehow as a result of this story. Hope not, though.)

A promising start, but I'm hoping for a few more twists next week to get it away from being quite so derivative of other things.
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