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Marvel Two in One

So tonight I saw

Iron Man at the cinema (finally) which was really, really good fun. Tony is hugely likeable even when he's being all playboyish, which is largely thanks to Robert Downey Jr, but was very important for the tiny minority of the audience like me who've been put off him by his behaviour in Civil War. (Incidentally, one benefit of waiting through all the credits for the little teaser was getting to see some of the sillier credits, and they do actually have someone credited as a "futurist", which tickled me. Hopefully this person did not try and persuade everyone that going all fascist was a necessary evil.)

The plot rested on several contrivances, and it did all ultimately devolve into CGI robots beating each other up, but that was inevitable given the source material (I would've liked one of those wonderfully daft "he wasn't expecting a simple punch!" moments, though, there aren't nearly enough of those in Marvel movies and since we're probably never going to get Doctor Strange Iron Man's probably our best bet for one of those) and it did some interesting stuff along the way, the political stuff about arms dealing being quite intriguing and surprisingly mature for a superhero movie.

The film ships Tony/Pepper surprisingly hard, in both directions, and thankfully gives Pepper enough self-possession that it doesn't come across as skeevy at all. She was great, and I'm not normally a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow. I really liked what they did with Rhodey, too, though he was a bit of a spare wheel at times. But he routinely called Tony on his shit, and we got a little hint towards him getting his own suit later.

Also, SHIELD. I am hugely in love with SHIELD, even if they have switched in a "Homeland" for the H in an attempt to be topical. And better yet, Secret Agent Mike from the West Wing was the main SHIELD agent. Which was win, I've always liked him. Though of course, we got ZOMGZOMGZOMG Nick Fury at the very end. I am a bit confused as to who will be in the movie Avengers though. You're either going to have a really ensemble cast-y movie or a lot of second stringers in the team. You probably definitely have Wolverine, obviously Iron Man, maybe Spidey, but I'm not sure who else. (My bet on the plot of the Avengers movie is discovering Cap-on-ice.)


Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer on DVD (even more finally), which was just ... a mess. About the only thing it's got going for it is that it's short, but it could really have stood to be even shorter. There's a huge melange of plot lines in there -- the Reed/Sue wedding (horrendously self-indulgent, to spend pretty much the whole first third of the film on it; FF#whicheveritis got away with it 'cos everyone loved them, this is the sequel to a film that stank the place up badly), Johnny's power problems (which end up with him becoming Super Skrull, which is just cheating), blooody Doom a-bloody-gain (I like Doom as the Moriarty to Reed's Holmes but his place in this narrative is contrived and silly), the Four vs the US military (ooh! edgy!) -- and that's before we get to what should be the core of the film, the Surfer and Galactus.

I love the Silver Surfer and Galactus, oh yes I do. Marvel's cosmic stuff is full of brilliant high concept daftness and these two are pretty much the pinnacle of that. This film should be much grimmer, a great big doomy end of the world affair, where instead it just doesn't know what it wants to be. And the ending makes it far too easy. Apparently if the Surfer concentrates really hard he can kill Galactus! Okay!

And unlike Nick Fury, who I can forgive because OMGSamuelLJackson (did he give them permission to use his likeness for Ultimate Fury because he's a big fan or because he was angling to be film Fury?), I do feel quite annoyed that film!Galactus is based mostly on the Ultimate version. They could make a big purple bucket headed guy scary if they tried hard enough. (Yeah, OK, so you can sort of see his prongs in the big fiery cloud, big deal.)

Also I found Jessica Alba a bit wooden.

On the plus side: MICHAEL CHIKLIS. I ♥ Michael Chiklis. Nothing with him in can be wholly wrong, and the amount of work he has to do just to come out from under that makeup ... ♥ yes. And they kept the Stan Lee can't get into the wedding gag.

I hope we get the Watcher in the next one, that would be hilarious. Or Skrulls, Skrulls'd be good.
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