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Two weeks' worth of comics

Mighty Avengers #14 In another window, I am looking at 600 words of meta that I have been working on for the last week or so explaining why I think Doctor Strange is probably a Skrull and trying to argue myself round to thinking that it doesn't matter, really. I can now happily delete it because the little conversation between the Skrully people here discusses the need to get rid of him, which means he is considered a threat by them (part of my meta was that Skrull strategy was clearly to take out all the really big hitters). Unfortunately, Skrull!Jarvis then goes on to say that he'll collapse in on himself psychologically out of another case of Bendis Being Very Wrong About Doctor Strange, but at least he's not a Skrull. I am very happy.

My theories about Nick Fury's wall o' red and blue rings are in disarray, though. But I don't care. Doc's not a Skrull! YAY!

This is a very skewed review, because actually MA#14 is about the Sentry, but as any fule kno the Sentry is only any good when he's accompanied by a fake Silver Age cover which he isn't here despite the perfect opportunity of showing him facing off against the Skrulls in the '60s. (Though I think there is a contradiction between this and New Avengers #mumble, because Skrull!Jarvis morphs into the Void to demonstrate how easy it would be to destabilise the Sentry, but head chief Skrull scientist dude in NA said that the Skrulls would have to stay in their one form to successfully avoid detection. Bit confused about that.)

Serenity: Better Days #3 I do not actually know what happened plot-wise in this comic. I get the main character arc about Mal, because Inara explained it to me, but I have no idea what was actually going on. Who knew what when? Who were all those people at the end? Why are we supposed to not care that Zoe is a terrorist? Are Simon and Inara doing it and OMGwhataboutKaylee? I would swear I'd missed an issue except I know I didn't. I will have to reread all three in one go, I think, unless someone out there wants to give me the Cliff notes. Pretty pls?

Captain Britain and MI-13 #1 Congratulations, Paul Cornell. That was very good indeed. Clever way to tie into Secret Invasion whilst being its own thing. Brilliant Gitmo commentary stuff at the very beginning. I look forward to seeing what happens next. PS Get well soon, if you are a compulsive auto-Googler.

I was hoping for more from the POV of Arisia and Sodam under the black mercies' spell, but the double page spread we did get was suitably trippy. I am all liking Guy-ish right now because of that bit about the nosebleeds on the first page. I love the pep talky/we're-space-cops-dammit bits of Green Lantern.
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