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Post about your favourite female characters day

This is Ace. She is pictured here holding a bazooka for the express purpose of blowing up Daleks by remembering to aim for the eyepiece. In case that last sentence didn't make it abundantly clear, Ace is wincakes. She set a house on fire and blew up her chemistry lab at school and then a bit later got transported into the far future by a time storm that was being manipulated by evilevilfromthedawnoftime and then she met the Doctor. She makes explosives and carries them around because she knows he's going to need them even though he pretends to be all pacifisty. She uses hopeless made up slang that I use myself without irony (I said "wicked" just yesterday, TRUFAX). She is allegedly based on real teenagers that Ian Briggs actually knew back in the '80s, honest. She got a whole season that was all about her and it was the peak of the resurgence of awesome in the latter days of old Who and really it was so amazing they had to cancel it because surely there was no point going on and if they had done Ace would have been so brilliant that her awesome would have collapsed in on itself and created a black hole that would destroy the Earth which even though it would have been a Black Hole of Awesome would still be BAD. She died on the Moon, except when she became the first of the new set of Time Lords, or Time's Vigilante, or hooked up with Hex maybe and is still travelling. ONE FATE IS NOT ENOUGH FOR ACE, THAT IS HOW BRILLIANT SHE IS.

This is Katma Tui. She was a Green Lantern before she DIED. But lots of Green Lanterns die because they are SPACE COPS and being a cop is HARD and you might die just before you retire particularly if you have a rookie assigned to you. Or something. We shall gloss over the part where she was pretty explicitly not killed for a good reason. I have actually only read her Wikipedia article and that one Alan Moore story where she inducts Rot Lop Fan into the F-Sharp Bell Corps WHICH IS JUST THE BEST LITTLE TINY COMICS BACKUP STORY EVER AND THE WHOLE THING IS ON SCANS DAILY SOMEWHERE WHERE IS IT AND WHY HAVE I GONE SO CAPSLOCK? *ahem* Here it is. Go and read it now. As I say, that is all the stuff with her in I have ever actually read and I automatically love her from it. But also, she is from Korugar which is the same place as Sinestro and that is part of why I love her that she took the job anyway even after all that.

Look, I don't think you'll find I promised it would be coherent or anything.

There are many others I could have done, like pretty much all the other companions from DW, or most of the Buffy people, or Mrs Peel, or CJ, or Sophia the Grel because I am on a massive Jacqueline Rayner kick at the moment and I like being deliberately obscure. Because really despite my general grumpiness I am very easily pleased and love everyone. But I think that will do for now.
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