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lifeonmartha are doing this clever thing of having a posting month-and-a-bit covering all of Martha's eps, books, comics, lolly sticks, etc. to date ready for her coming back at the end of the season.

No one has picked The Pirate Loop yet. WTF? It is just the awesomest thing since ever and the only reason I didn't pick it is that I didn't want to be greedy. Well, that and I've already squeed about it at length as shown in that link. OK, my three top reasons were trying not to be greedy, not wanting to repeat myself, and wanting to represent for the awesomeness of Jacqueline Rayner by picking my other fave Martha book, Last Dodo. (pace wishfulaces's point about Rayner's hate on for museum curators.)

The person I am looking at knows who she is.
Tags: martha jones is made of awesome

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