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Letters to Who peeps that they will never read unless they are compulsive auto-googlers

Dear Justin Richards:

I'm a big fan of your Who work, really I am. Both as an author and an editor. It was the EDAs under your stewardship that got me back into DW properly, blah blah blah. And I'm enjoying Martha in the Mirror loads. I'm about two thirds of the way through now. I love the basic idea, I've been a big fan of the concept of doubles from the secret world inside the mirror ever since Prince of Persia "The Tain" by China Mieville was the only book that was ever actually too scary for me to finish. And giving Martha and the Doctor an Orpheus and Eurydice moment as they come out of the mirror was great.

But I have a problem. My problem is with the technobabble. Now, I'm very forgiving about technobabble (I'm a comics fan as well as a DW fan, I'd have gone insane by now if I wasn't) and the overall mixture of "refraction as catchall term for anything light does that isn't reflection" and Copenhagen interpretation-y stuff about quantum observers is working fine for me as a DW-style rationalisation of what's essentially a fairy tale premise. Unfortunately, you have made a stupid mistake that is completely breaking my suspension of disbelief EVERY SINGLE TIME I READ IT. You keep talking about "protons" when you mean "photons". Photons are the quanta of light, protons are heavy little buggers inside atomic nuclei. (The clue's in the name, photo = light ...) Seriously, you didn't do 30 seconds of research and check on Wikipedia when you first wrote it? And no one you showed the ms to picked up on it? This is the sort of thing that makes me get depressed about the Two Cultures and stuff. I know school kids who could have checked this and got it right for you. And not even like science geek school kids, just one who've done GCSE Core Science.

Lots and lots of love, but a little bit of grumpiness,

Dear Steven Moffat:

I'm a big fan of your work. I remember liking Press Gang when I was ickle. I remember liking Joking Apart when I was probably slightly too young for it still. I loved Coupling. Your Who eps are consistently excellent. "Continuity Errors" haunts me to this day. I think you're great at integrating plot and characterisation and I think you could really produce some fantastic stuff so I'm really glad you're taking over for series five. Congratulations on the new job and best of luck.

One thing, though. It would be really helpful if you would stop saying things that make you sound like an arse, because I'm fairly sure you're not, really. Like the sexist stuff{*}. Or that stuff you said a while ago about how you're no longer part of fandom because you done got yourself on the telly or whatever it was that came across as very high-handed. On my end, I am going to keep up my policy of not watching behind-the-scenes rubbish (though you might want to consider not talking to Confidential, just a thought); on your end, you could avoid saying stuff so outrageous that I end up finding out about it anyway because of the whole of fandom moaning about it.

It would also make me personally happy if you would continue the underappreciated careful dance RTD has been doing around the non-telly canon of taking a certain amount of care not to explicitly deny it. That would be great.

Pls to be creating a kickass companion.

Lots of love, but a little bit of worry,

{*} Note to the people who are actually reading this: I'm fairly sure Moffat has very similar views about men; in fact I'm as certain as I can be without being him, given the existence of Coupling. He's an equal opportunities cynic but that interacts badly with the issues of society as a whole.
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