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So this is what it feels like to properly enjoy the ep without any major reservations ...

  • *THUD* Ten/Donna-iest episode of S4 yet. Quite apart from the "shock treatment" kiss-with-an-excuse, all the little interactions were well over into shippy/protesting-too-much territory. (The kiss at the very least proves that Donna is at least a little bit interested, even in the most believe-the-metatext-that-there's-nothing-going-on interpretations. She would have slapped him, surely, otherwise.)
  • Yay, the inter-war period! House parties and flappers and the Charleston and so on. I have a secret love for this sort of thing. (I suddenly want DVDs of The House of Eliot. There probably are some and I just haven't bought them. And what was that one with the train on a branchline that the guy rode up and down and played jazz? Possibly that one is much later but set among people who have never got over it.) And Donna squeeing over it really cemented my love for her, which has snuck up on me over the last month or so.
  • I loved all the metafictional stuff in all its completely daft obviousness (especially the gratuitous Christie-novel title-dropping). Loved it. It felt like the spirit of some of the crackier books in a way that nothing else on the telly has so far (WE CAN HAS PAUL MAGRS IN S5 Y/Y?). I could have stood a bit less absolute worship of Agatha Christie, I'm not entirely sure why they went that way given that ultimately she's not that good (unless Gareth Roberts really really likes her and I'm just mean?). Certainly it seemed OTT in a way that the treatment of Dickens and Shakespeare didn't.
  • I also really liked the way the everyone-has-a-secret thing worked. Obviously the only person who wasn't lying in the first interrogation was the alien. Also, the bits where Unicorn girl seemed off turned out to be clues not badness, which was good.
  • Roger/Davenport was very good fun. I heartily approve. I'm not going to think about it too much because if I do I will end up worrying about power imbalances and how we're supposed to believe there's a deep relationship but what we get to establish that is jokes about kink and how that all ties in to Torchwood and Jack/Ianto and so on.
  • Best overall ep of S4 so far (the lever scene in Fires of Pompeii still wins for individual moment). And Teh Moff up next, with Moll Flanders guest starring and set in the Library of Babel. And even if Companionapalooza does everything I hope it won't, it's bound to have enough fun bits in it to keep things going. All looking very promising, I think. Hurrah!

ETA: This is some big Christie site talking about the ep, complete with some hilarious wrongness on the Who side of things.
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