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Random thoughts (only 30% Doctor Who related)

1. Rewatched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the first time since the cinema this weekend. Given the amount of Tennant tongue action in this one (he's in it about as much as he is in Love and Monsters, but there's about as much tongue in that time as in S2 as a whole) I'm thinking Ten's oral fixation is something the actor brought to the table. Also: Mike Newell is a Harmonian.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean! I have finally seen it. Jack Davenport is wonderful in this one now that he is all dishevelled and useless and more like Miles in This Life. Needed more Jonathan Pryce though, but he was fab when he was there. I didn't think it dragged that badly, though it has got a bad case of middle-of-trilogy-resolves-nothing syndrome. Great twist right at the end which bodes well for Number Three.

3. Speaking of Mr Davenport, whatever happened to Daniela Nardini? I less-than-3-ed Anna-This-Life so hard.

4. American Television!

4a. I finally saw the last episode of S2 of House. OMG, I love that sort of hallucinatory reality-shifty episode. It is the bestest thing ever and something that works best in serial TV, IMO, because i) television has well-established shortcuts to the viewer about the presentation of reality vs non-reality that can be very well manipulated in skilled hands and ii) it works best with established characters who you already know. However, I was a bit annoyed that the Whole Thing was in his head in the end, it would have been more interesting for me if one or another level of stuff had been real. And also House's subconscious turns out to be too judgey of House's faults for my liking and it makes me think they are going for some sort of very slow redemptive thing when I just want to watch him snark at everyone. But the stroking-Cameron-with-the-robot scene? Disturbingly hot, yes. In conclusion: it made me want to watch TNG: Frame of Mind.

4b. Actually, everything I watch at the moment is making me want to watch old episodes of ST, which is not a desire I have had for years -- it must be something to do with Enterprise disappearing helping me remember when the franchise didn't suck. For instance, Lost 2-13 with the bit where at the beginning you think Jack and Ana-Lucia abducted Jin to manipulate the others into forming an army even though it turns out it was Sawyer getting Charlie to do it to make Kate think Jack might do that made me want to watch DS9: In the Pale Moonlight for obvious reasons. In general, that was one of the best Losts we've had for ages, 'cos all the plot arose in this lovely organic way out of the characters' interactions and their differing goals and methods, rather than just being a drip feed of new revelations about the situation they're in. It is much more like I thought Lost was going to be when I first heard about it.

5. Argh the whofest deadline is only a week away. Must finish fics. (Why is the Davison era so angsty? Why? Not that I mind writing angst, but I am trying to give them a happy or at least bittersweet ending and they keep refusing to get to it.)

6. Is not a number, is a free man.

7. Related to the "must finish fic" bit in 5: OMG, CivIV is such an evil timesuck. Except not "evil" so much as Huge Enormous Dodgy-Historical-Model-Of-The-Inevitability-Of-Progress Fun. I am currently being the Industrious/Creative pre-Revolutionary French (as opposed to the Napoleonic Industrious/Aggressive French) and going for the Kulchar Win so I have naturally called my leader Reinette. Which allows me to read entertaining subtext into the things the other leaders say about being friendly, building a closer bond, etc. (Catherine the Great is flirty as hell in general, which makes for entertaining femslashiness).

8. Comics!

8a. OMG, why did I never try Sandman until now? 'Cos I was well aware of Gaiman's godlike genius. Hrm. Anyway, he is a godlike genius and Sandman is brill.

8b. Paul Cornell is writing a miniseries about some third-tier X-Man or other. This could be interesting. Or it could be full of dodgy religious subtext, OTT portentousness and overt emotional manipulativeness. Probably it will be good though. I still see Father's Day as an aberration.

8c. They really need to hurry up and get on with finishing the current storyline in Astonishing X-Men so I can buy the trade of it. I need my Whedon fix! I very nearly broke down and started buying individual issues (a line of comics-nerddom I was once determined never to cross) but I couldn't find #13 so I didn't.
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