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Buffy S8 #14 This rattled along well; there was a lot going on, in a way that felt very reminiscent of the TV series, where you'd sometimes get to the other end of an episode and not really believe that 45 minutes could have had that much comedy and character bits and plot all at once. Dracula's interactions with the Slayers were lolarious, the Xander/Renee bit was lovely and Buffy/Satsu is already Going Horribly Wrong in obligatory Mutant Enemy fashion. Very dark moment where Buffy tortures info out of a vamp with the threat of burning, then burns him anyway. I'm not sure why it bothers me particularly (though I do think they intend us to be bothered, I think it's meant to go together with stuff like the bank robbery and stuff as a question mark over Buffy's morality), as it's not as though it wasn't going to still be an evil soulless thing out to get them after it had given them the information. (The whole issue is actually really complicated, between the completely different treatment of demons in BtVS and AtS and the questions around if, when and how Spike was redeemed. But "actually, let's redeem every single vampire out there" is format-destroying, so I've been happy to go along with handwaving past it.)

Angel: After the Fall #7 Lots to love here. Fish guy not having a clue what a slayer is made me giggle. Wesley and Eve-pretending-to-be-Fred and him not falling for it for a millisecond was shuddery win; oh, I had forgotten how awesome Wesley could be when he lets his steel show a bit. And Kate! I actually couldn't remember who she was for a bit there, which is awful of me. (If you are the same as me: Angel's police girlfriend from early on.)

Secret Invasion #2 It's probably just all the second hand squee from the film that I still haven't seen, but I liked Tony Stark here. That bit about having built his first armour with less, and doing the one thing the Skrulls couldn't imitate -- using his brain -- yay! Also the superhero-on-superhero matchups were good comedy value, especially Power Man Luke Cage vs the current version.

Mighty Avengers #13 I had already seen the most important part of this (Fury in disguise as his Ultimate universe self) thanks to scans_daily but, erm, yeah, what can I say? Everything is better when Nick Fury's around and this is all about him building a team of unknowns (children of powers that only he is aware has inherited, basically) to deal with the Skrulls -- it's a whole bunch of intros.

I do love Nick Fury and all his cracked out tech and general uber-spy-ness. I do sort of wish I'd been around in the '60s to read Strange Tales the first time round, 'cos between Fury and Doc Strange it does seem to have set the stage for all the awesomest cracked out bits of the Marvel U (except the cosmic stuff, see below).

Nova #13 In this comic, Nova reads Galactus his rights. That's really all you need to know. It is fantastic. Particularly the way Galactus looks like he's made out of universe, like Eternity does. Also, Richard is quite socialist in places too. And between the art, the "shadow that life casts" thing and the fact that it's pretty much the only bit of Cosmic Marvel we've not seen around these parts, the Harrow is clearly some sort of opposite of the Phoenix Force. (Now that I have said my theory out loud, it is inevitably doomed to be wrong because I never call anything right. But on the off chance I have, this is my marker going down.)

Guardians of the Galaxy 1st Issue! It's the '90s everyone! If it says 1 on the cover YOU MUST BUY TEN COPIES TO SELL IN THE FUTURE. There is no way this will lead to a huge speculation bubble which will end up completely distorting the market and nearly destroying the industry.

Ahem. Anyway. This is essentially "Annihilation: Ongoing" and I have more squee for it than anything since, oh, I dunno, two seconds ago or so. I'm easily pleased, really, when things actually do succeed in hitting my buttons. But I did love this. In particular, my buttons were pushed by:

  • Interaction between Peter Quill and Adam Warlock that rendered Warlock non-irritating for whole panels at a time. Very encouraging.
  • The return of Cosmo the Russian space dog and Knowhere the habitat that's the severed head of a Celestial at the Edge of the Universe from that Nova arc a bit ago.
  • Tiny Groot! I love the way Rocket Raccoon looks after him.
  • Drax and Gamora sarcastically commenting on everything. Gamora's "clubhouse" line was particularly hilarious.
  • I got pretty much exactly the scene I wanted between Phyla and Drax.
  • The reveal that the uber-plot-driver for the ongoing is basically Lovecraft in Spaaaaace! (The Annihilation events have weakened space time such that squamous tentacled things from outside this reality can come through, and They Must Be Stopped.)

If this comic keeps up like this, it is going to be awesomesauce on toast, the Marvel equivalent of GLC.
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