Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

Pop music! It is so bad. Except when it is good.

OK, so we have bad cable TV music channels on in the background at work all the time and I am wanting to rant about how rubbish all these songs are (except the guitary ones, which reach the dizzy heights of mediocrity on occasion). I really could spend all day writing a big long ranty post about each and every one (erm, yeah, I think I am a bit inspired by Loz Miles's Countdown, here, aren't I?), but this would involve not doing any work at all (since I am already writing big long posts about the latest episode of Doctor Who).

So: Name a current UK pop song in the comments and I will vent my spleen about it for your amusement.

(I would call this a meme, but I have no sense that it will catch on.)
Tags: music

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