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MUCH better, well done, DW

  • First of all, oh thank god, they did right by Martha in my estimation. They held off on the reveal that the Doctor knew all along (even though I knew/predicted/hoped he would) just a little bit too long for my sanity, just long enough for me to start wondering whether the Doctor's surprise at her not phoning home was actually supposed to be "UNIT has dehumanised you" not "yeah, I'm on to you, Sontaran girl". But he knew! He knows her follicles! And then once real!Martha was awake (though it turns out this was the particular instance of being helped out of bondage by the male lead that triggered my "this is once too many" sense), she was just all kinds of awesome. Empathising with her clone was a particular highpoint. But the Doctor thanking her "so many times" definitely made me happy, albeit in a rather meta-y way. But the way she and Ten were standing together at the console at the end made me very squeeful, just the relaxed naturalness of the dynamic was lovely.
  • Second of all, it's quite obvious here that Raynor watched Remembrance for last year's effort and is homaging it like crazy here. In particular, the viewscreen conversation with General Stahl and having to offer them a choice are straight out of Seven's playbook in ep 4.
  • But the bit where Luke provides the Doctor with YET ANOTHER GET OUT CARD FROM A MORAL DILEMMA was not so good. I am tired of this. I want him to make the hard choices and to live with it. He managed it in Fires of Pompeii. (Though, if you like being creeped out, consider the possibility that "do something clever" to Luke was him doing a Derren Brown.)
  • Awww, Mace/Price. Though OBVS completely unprofessional.
  • Only General Stahl sounds remotely like a Sontaran and it annoys me more than I expect. I am actually a bit annoyed by this in a horrendously middle school way. As far as I can tell, Nick Briggs and Big Finish know how to do the Daleks and the Cybermen and such, and the new series is massively careful to do them right. But the Sontarans' audio appearances are on BBV stuff (like the first two Faction audios) and it feels like we've lost the institutional memory of it, or even the idea that there is any such thing as a Sontaran voice. Does that make any sense?
  • The Mill did bloody well this time. I was particularly impressed at the complete absence of yellow sparkly bits for any of the teleportation etc. effects.
  • Was the window smashing being done by Donna's mum an effort to make us like her better? 'Cos it worked, 'cos really, how stupid were the rest of them?
  • The Valiant is the SHIELD Helicarrier and you're not going to tell me different. (Cloudbase didn't have that maneouverability [sp?])
  • The heavy handed environmental allegory seems massively undercut for me by the way that the Doctor waved a magic wand and made it all go away. "Yes, kids, we don't have to cut our CO2 footprint because those clever scientists will find a way to make it work eventually." Isn't that the position that the people who believe the science but don't want to lose profits change their lifestyles take? (I thought technocracy went out of style a long time ago.)
  • ETA: I FORGOT THE BRIG REFERENCE. I AM FAIL. I liked that Mace knew instantly who he was talking about and was fine with being compared because he knows he's not as good. Is Peru a reference to some bit of extended canon I'm unfamiliar with?
  • ETA2: OMG they killed Kenny Ross! You bastards!
  • ETA3: Ooh, ooh, let's reference new nuclear powers and leave out Israel! Fail. (But then they also didn't mention Russia [or should it be Kazakhstan now?], unless I missed it.)
  • ETA4: Has anyone got some fabulous fanwank that explains why the Sontarans are pretty much the most time-active species we've ever seen outside the Timeys, the Daleks and arguably humanity, and yet supposedly they're all about killing the Rutans? (I know TwoDocs handwaves it a bit with "stop this war before it started" but meh.)

  • So, the Sontarans were looking to turn Earth into a breeding planet. Not specifically mentioned that they've lost one previously, but it's definitely looking like a pattern.
  • Oh look, there was Rose onna screen shouting "Doctor!" during a bit of interference. Not sure what to make of that. I want to buy the idea that it's not some horrible thing where she's in the altverse desperate to get back to him and not having a life, and I keep failing. Perhaps I have been reading too much by/about the fans who think that she should be?
  • Next week looks fun. Though clearly no one else stood a chance at the role once an actual Doctor's actual daughter had auditioned.
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