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Planet of the Ood, a list

  • BIOLOGY DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. But then, I've never been that worried about Whoniverse!Skience matching up with RL. Biology has been not working that way since, oh, The Dead Planet of the Mutant Daleks at the very least.
  • DONNA! Oh, Donna, I think I am falling in love with you a bit here (you didn't once seem like Catherine Tate the shouty comedian this week, so well done), and the Doctor clearly is too. Lots of good stuff, getting changed when it's cold, squeeing over spaceships ... That "they have their brains in their hands" bit was sheer brilliance, and there were lots of shippy bits. The "not married" seems more and more protesting-too-much, the only-ever-with-Reinette-before!telepathy (for all that it's still a mindmeld and thus filthy Star Trek), and of course the discussion of very good handcuffs ("at least we've got quality", which could easily have been one of CT's OTT moments but somehow wasn't).
  • I do think Donna's got a watch, though. (Or at least, I would think that if I didn't have a little bit of faith in Team Cardiff not to recognise that as self-repetitious and fanwanky.) I still want her to be Compassion but it ain't gonna happen. Maybe she the Rani?
  • If I have a problem with the plot it's that theDoctorDonna (loved that bit, that the telepathic Ood don't see them as separate indivudals really) is just there to watch events unfold. Would anything really have worked out differently without them? Slightly fewer deaths? Protagonists should protag, and all that.
  • Well, that and the heavy-handed slavery stuff. Comparisons to sweatshops are all well and good, but the more apt one is surely to ... oh, I don't know, the era they've just left? To my mind they when they completely failed to mention the slaves in Pompeii and didn't even rescue the Caecilii's they lost all right to suddenly bang on about this issue in a future that they made up themselves to be as Evil as they wanted.
  • Tim McInnerey. I love Tim McInnerey but he doesn't exactly break the streak of big guest stars who think Who is a chance to ham it up like mad.
  • The Sense Sphere! Hartnell refs FTW! (Though, actually, while none of the other science stuff bothers me I do find the idea that there's The Solar System Of Completely Separate But Superficially Similar Telepathic People incredibly implausible; I suspect I will have to reach for the morphic fields on this one and/or ancient alien breeding programs and I do not like ancient alien breeding programs as an explanation.) Meanwhile, we didn't get a direct Rose reference even though it would have been just as natural for Ten to mention her in the context of not being able to save the Ood last time (which it was nice to see finally acknowledged, in another sign that They're Clearly Reading The Internet) as it was to mention her in Gridlock.
  • Meanwhile, we did get a ranvil (tm parrotfish) in the shape of "your song will end soon". The only way I can really make sense of this is that "you" is "theDoctorDonna", and something's going to separate the two of them? But probably it's just one of those Portents of Doom that in retrospect will make no sense. ("The valiant child" would seem an appropriate example of similar from S2. Either the Beast was just doing mind games, except that Rose had no fears about that until then, or he supernaturally knew the future, but somehow not enough of the future to know that she wasn't going to die really.)
  • *raises head above parapet* OK, see, I did like the episode but I am a bit bothered by the race side of things. A disproportionate amount of the on-screen Ood victims were non-white, and in terms of the "main" human guest cast we had two white men, one of whom turns out to have been an Undercover Goodie all along and the other gets forcibly changed into a goodie, and two people who weren't white men: the black guy who's gleefully sadistic with the grabber arm thing and supposedly Gets What He Deserved when he's gassed, and the Asian woman who explicitly rejects the chance at redemption that the Doctor offers her and ends up dead of Ood.
  • The trailer. Hmm, yes. The Sontarans seem to have some undercover plot involving having a front company, just in case we hadn't realised yet that Capitalism is Evil. Now, for all that we're told the Sontarans are a big unstoppable military machine, for budgetary reasons all we ever see in old school isi isolated scouts and complicated plots that involve them not showing their main force and using proxies. So this isn't actually as out of character as I thought at first. But I'm getting tired of Rusty's issues with capitalism even though I agree with them.
  • And also from the trailer, Martha. "Is that what you did to her, turn her into a soldier?" says Donna in voiceover in a clearly "that is a bad thing to do to someone" way. Now, we know from Torchwood that it looks like the Doctor pulled strings to get UNIT to recruit Martha (she didn't go looking for the job there), so I find this all rather worrisome in terms of the handling of Martha generally, the Ten/Martha relationship in particular, and UNIT as an organisation, especially after Fragments. (It makes me think that the spec that Martha is supposed to be the Doctor's mole within a UNIT-gone-bad is looking more plausible. Then again, it might just be that UNIT are going to get the same "OMG, don't use violence! except when I need you to!" treatment from the Doctor that they, and Leela, and Ace, always used to ...)

Meanwhile, back at this point in S3 Martha had just sat the Doctor down for a Nice Chat about Gallifrey. Remember how much we all thought that was a sign that she wasn't going to take his shit?
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