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I just had my own little local version of the Dalek Sec on the RT cover moment

Spoilerphobes: icon deliberately chosen at random.

So, I normally stay fairly spoiler free, except for the stuff that gets fandom so excited it's pretty much impossible not to find out about it and still participate.

But it turns out the Christmas special is about to be filmed in Gloucester, near where I live, and so the local paper's weekend edition's entire front page was filled with TARDISes and Cybusmen and so on. (I did already know about the Cybermen being the baddies, but that was kinda by accident.)

Now, my weak willpower cuts in at this point as I decided to have a look at the story inside the paper. And here's what I read (in part):

It is believed that the Doctor, played by David Tennant, will be joined in the special Christmas episode by his current companion Donna (Catherine Tate) and his former sidekick Rose (Billie Piper).

Really very much having an instinctive DO NOT WANT reaction and trying to moderate it with what's left of my faith in Rusty. But, really, this is screaming "companion hierarchy" to me, with Rose being the "real" new series companion and everyone else being second stringers or stand ins. The message I subconsciously get from this is that we can like other people as much as we want, but as far as the production team goes, Rose comes out on top of the heap.

I have found a couple of things to cling to here: "expected" could well mean "we went on the OG quickly and found the usual suspects assuming it's The Rose Tyler Show", rather than anything based on the production team (the fact that most of the article seems to be quoting their tame local superfan is indicative here), and if there's Cybusmen involved then there's probably still problems with the Void in some way shape or form? I hope so, anyway.

ETA: OK, good, that looks very much like a false alarm on the "expected only by crazies" front. Good good. And Dervla! Off of Ballykissangel and Goodnight Sweetheart before it got completely shite and not just a Doctor Who Christmas special, an M&S Doctor Who Christmas special. Jolly good.

I'm going to try not to let this overshadow S4 but really I'm finding it harder and harder to invest in Donna because, for all that she's been awesome so far, the metatext and the arc seem to be working against her having any importance.

Oh, and apparently DT and CT are going to be at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in October as part of an RSC event. I am really surprised this has been announced so early, as aren't those sorts of things generally "pending professional commitments" and such? (Certainly the last time I went to an RSC event at the Festival, it was blind luck that the only originally advertised participant who was actually still there and wasn't replaced by some other RSC bod was the one I was interested in in the first place.{1}{2})

{1} Tamsin Grieg, if you were wondering
{2} not that Shakespeare isn't inherently fascinating, OBV, but y'know, Tamsin Grieg makes him all the more so

I am now going to insert lots of spoiler space so that if people click post comment to talk about the stuff not in the cut they don't have to read this if they don't want to.

Other telly that is keeping me happy: HIGNFY is back (though last night had too much Jack Dee doing his miserable schtick, and not enough Peter Serafinowicz, though some good bits from Paul and Bob M-A) and Heroes comes back for its truncated S2 next week.

I have managed to catch exactly forty minutes combined of the whole series of the Sarah Connor Chronicles (which finished last night on Virgin 1): is it as good as it looks from what I've seen? (Main thing I enjoy about what I have seen: hints of hilariously overcomplicated time travel plots.)
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